Whats in your second system?

Just curious as to the people who like myself have many thousands "invested" in their main system with all the latest tweaks, cables etc and also have a second or even third system.

Did you assemble that with the same love and care and dedication and costly tweaks?

Or did you throw something together from bargain bins or indeed your old leftovers and then sat back and thought...Wow this sounds really good!

And if so did that get you thinking on the main system...lol.

My second system cost way less than the speaker cables on my main system but I am constantly shocked at just how nice it sounds for such a no frills setup.

Linn Classic all in one
Tannoy 2 ellipse small floorstanders
20 year old (at least) Jensen 50w 8 inch sub.
Monster Cable 12/2 speaker cable bare wire ends.
Home brewed power cord just cos I had it laying around.

The Linn just sits on top of a chest of drawers with the Tannoys flanking the chest either side and the lil sub sitting behind the chest.

And it sounds darn good tbh!
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Some pretty stout gear there.

Been resisting adding a tt to the second system but it just might happen.

And another rabbit hole to dive headfirst into!
I suppose I could also rehash the 3rd system too, which is really in my daughter's room and very simple.

Jvc tt, PS3( CD, Spotify, Pandora) just into a Klipsh wall mounted sound bar.
Been toying with idea of a cheap integrated/DAC and bookshelf sized speakers.

But the sound bar does sound surprisingly good so I should probably leave well alone!

Update onto my second system (which is placed into my bedroom):

Headphones #1: Sennheiser HD-650 Headphones

Headphones #2: Sennheiser HD-598 Headphones

Headphones #3: Audio Technica ATH-M50x Headphones (Forthcoming)(Price — $150.00)

Integrated Amplifier: NAD 3140 Integrated Amplifier

Home Theater Receiver: Yamaha RV-V481 Audio/Video Receiver (For Internet Radio & Home Theatre)

Phono Preamplifier: Schiit Mani

Turntable: Technics SL-1210 M5G + Nagoaka MP-200

Cassette Deck: Nakamichi BX-300 (Returning... want a used one in good condition off of eBay.... bought one in the late 80’s, and had the original one for 26 Years)

Music Player: BlueSound NODE 2 (coming Christmas 2018 or early 2019)

And thinking about upgrading the Integrated Amplifier (in time, of course), to a Denon, Harman/Kardon, a Kenwood, or a Yamaha (all older or recent models with Dual-Mono construction.... newer ones are insanely expensive, and they’re not economically feasible for a secondary system).

After this system is assembled, I may never step foot into my living room ever again (LOL)


Very nice sounding system.
I think you will like the AT headphones, I just sold mine in favour of a pair of audeze el8 open backs but they were extremely precise and detailed and imho punched way above their price point.

Good call on the Nakamichi deck, I own 3 now...lol. 582, bx100 and lx3.

Can't bear to see my pile of tapes just sitting collecting dust.
I live in an interior townhouse, flanked by people who still work. My bedroom system had to yield to not disturbing the neighbors, so, I have a Magnum Dynalab FM tuner feeding a BP-6c preamp, with   STAX Lambda Pro Headphones from the preamp.  We have a wonderful 24/7 classical music station (WBJC) nearby, so I can lie in bed and either read or listen.
My third "system" is a pair of B&W MM-1 speakers for my iMac so I can listen to classical stations on Internet Radio while I'm writing this input. (The B&Ws have their own DAC,  OK for the purpose.)