Whats in your second system?

Just curious as to the people who like myself have many thousands "invested" in their main system with all the latest tweaks, cables etc and also have a second or even third system.

Did you assemble that with the same love and care and dedication and costly tweaks?

Or did you throw something together from bargain bins or indeed your old leftovers and then sat back and thought...Wow this sounds really good!

And if so did that get you thinking on the main system...lol.

My second system cost way less than the speaker cables on my main system but I am constantly shocked at just how nice it sounds for such a no frills setup.

Linn Classic all in one
Tannoy 2 ellipse small floorstanders
20 year old (at least) Jensen 50w 8 inch sub.
Monster Cable 12/2 speaker cable bare wire ends.
Home brewed power cord just cos I had it laying around.

The Linn just sits on top of a chest of drawers with the Tannoys flanking the chest either side and the lil sub sitting behind the chest.

And it sounds darn good tbh!
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Just "finished" changing my second rig around, trying to make it near a full vintage system.

Removed the "modern" Pioneer CD player.

Now it consists of an old Sanyo receiver , JCX 2400K.
JVC QL-A7 turntable with Glanz MFG 610 cartridge.
Akai CS-M3 cassette player.
Vienna Acoustics Haydn speakers.

Looks and sounds very nice.

I use it a lot during the day due to it's location in the main part of the house.
Some nice components there.

I am betting both sound pretty darn good!
Thanks for sharing!
Very nice Greg.
I always thought those Vincent amps were a great deal and very under appreciated.
The Harbeths must sound excellent in near field in that rig.
Congratulations on a very nicely executed system.
Thanks Mesch.

So you do literally roll it outside indeed!

Do Not think I have ever seen or heard that before.

For when I want to listen by the pool or hot tub I have an el cheapo Bluetooth speaker I takeout and stream from my phone or tablet to on Qobuz or similar.
Cheap and cheerful but good enough for the occasion.
That's a pretty neat second system I must say!
I often find myself listening to my second system and wondering why I spent all the money on the main one.
Until I sit down for some serious listening with some really good recordings 
Then I just smile, close my eyes and let the music take me
some really nice sounding second systems here that a lot of people would be proud to call their main system.
I really like the idea of hanging onto older well loved equipment and using to piece together another system.

Unfortunately most times I have upgraded the only way I have been able to afford to upgrade was to sell off the older pieces to make funds available to offset the costs.

This is a regret in some areas for sure as I know there are speakers and amps I really really should have liked to have kept!
I truly wish I had the means to have kept some early pieces.
But it is what it is and for the money spent on my second system I am very happy.
One advantage to it, is its location in a vastly superior acoustic setting than my main system.
This is a position that hopefully I will reverse next year with move to a new house and can actually have a choice of a dedicated listening room.

Thank you!
There are some truly amazing second and third system setups for sure.
I am really impressed by the extremely wide variety of equipment being used.
Keep them coming guys, love the huge variety on show here
Very interesting indeed!

Exactly my thoughts indeed
and my conclusion with a reality check! 
Looks like a lot of people have some very nice office systems.
Wish I had an office....lol

I thought being an "audiophile" was just another word for temporary insanity.....lol.

Glad you are enjoying the ride!
My second system has now become my third system...lol

New second system...
Hegel H300 integrated
B&W 805D speakers
Bluesound node 2
Only sources so far are the node but as this can access all of my cd collection from my main system vault 2 and Tidal and Amazon Prime and internet radio stations I think it should do just fine!
Depends on your price range Gonzalo.
There are literally thousands of great used power amps out there.
Well if nobody buys my Hegel H300, I might just have to make a third system out of it, I can stream my Bluesound Vault to it so have all my ripped cds and Tidal. Just would have to buy some more speakers...it never ends...lol
Whew, just sold the Hegel H300 so don’t have to go on the hunt for speakers to make the "third" system after all.
My wallet and wife thank me for that.
Gonzalo....I was going to say a Classe ca100 simply because i had one as a spare while my BAT was being repaired and to say it "only" rated at 100w i hardly noticed the difference in power.
Now it was a fair bit "warmer" than the BAT but very detailed and airy for sure.
And considering you can pick them up for about $500 to $600 used is a very good deal indeed.
However in that price range there are just so many choices....
Just put together a third system but as it is for my daughter for her impending university "vacation" you could really call it her first system.
Needed to be extremely compact and versatile.

Cocktail Audio X-12 cd ripper, player, amp.
Combined with a pair of PSB Alpha Mini speakers
Stock power cord and 10 gauge bare end Monster speaker cable.

ATM it has her Teac TN-300 tt plugged in .
Have to say for just around $800 all in it sounds pretty darn good, yes 30wpc is not going to take you too far but she is not going to need much in her dorm room, more the versatility.
She can (HOPEFULLY!) plug her ipad in which has a gazillion mp3 files (kids!) and we will be loading it with her fave ripped cds prior to uni.
And it has the all important headphone output for late at night sessions.

Not what some will call hifi I know but for her it is going to be perfect.
Sounds tidy system.
I have a pair of those AT cans, excellent vfm.
Not the deepest bass but very tight and accurate and pretty light on the head to boot.
Just updated my second system
Time for a change of its heart,
Have replaced the Linn Classik with a Peachtree Audio Nova integrated with tube pre.
First impressions, a lot more and tighter bass and just sounds altogether more modern for want of a better word.
For now I have turned off the little Jensen sub as it really does not need any bass help imho.
A nice upgrade and as I am mostly streaming music nowadays the digital inputs were all I needed. 

Some pretty stout gear there.

Been resisting adding a tt to the second system but it just might happen.

And another rabbit hole to dive headfirst into!
I suppose I could also rehash the 3rd system too, which is really in my daughter's room and very simple.

Jvc tt, PS3( CD, Spotify, Pandora) just into a Klipsh wall mounted sound bar.
Been toying with idea of a cheap integrated/DAC and bookshelf sized speakers.

But the sound bar does sound surprisingly good so I should probably leave well alone!
Two more additions to the second system.

Sony Walkman disc player
Nakamichi LX-3 cassette player.

All running through the Peachtree Nova integrated/DAC into Tannoy Ellipse speakers.

The sq belies the extremely modest total cost outlay!
Very nice sounding system.
I think you will like the AT headphones, I just sold mine in favour of a pair of audeze el8 open backs but they were extremely precise and detailed and imho punched way above their price point.

Good call on the Nakamichi deck, I own 3 now...lol. 582, bx100 and lx3.

Can't bear to see my pile of tapes just sitting collecting dust.
I know there are people who would die for some of these killer " second systems".
Love them!
As I had decided for now that my main system was "completed" ( yes I know, we will see!), I decided to revamp the 3rd system in my daughter's room ( now at university in Alaska so I will use,lol).

So consists of.

Sony PS3 for CD, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix.
Jvc tt cw ortofon red cartridge.
Epos els3 bookshelf speakers.
NAD D3020V2 amp/dac. This v2 has a built in mm phono input as well as another analog aux input and toslink and spdif digital inputs,no Usb input though.

PS3 by toslink and Jvc tt into mm phono input.

Now about that spare analog input, maybe I can find space somewhere to add the Nakamichi bx100 tape player I have sitting idle......
Loving it and just enjoying the music is what this is all about!
Thank you
Just an update on my second system which I am enjoying most days.

I did treat all connections in it to some TC paste about 3 weeks ago as I had done the main system and had plenty to spare.

Now my main system is centered around a listener being in the sweet spot of my sofa and as such sounds superb there but say walking around not so much.

The second system is in a much superior acoustic room and the small Tannoys benefit enormously from being against a wall and having bass output boosted.
This system really does not have a sweet spot as such and sounds pretty good anywhere in the room or even the next room.

So during the daytime if I am at home and better half at work it gets played a lot.
Evenings I have to retire to "my" room with the main system.
Nice mix of gear there Zar.
Good to keep using the stuff!
Deleted my last post as it did not pan out.

But now I have pieced together a 4th system and I am just totally in shock at how good it sounds. It has me questioning why on earth I am spending thousands upon thousands on other gear?

Very simple rig.

Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers, $125 shipped.
Sansui A-2100 integrated from late 70,s , $75 shipped.
Google Chromecast Audio streamer, $40 shipped.
Hooked up with el cheapo 3.5mm to twin RCA ic and QED bare wire end speaker cables all lying around in my goody box.

The SQ is simply mind bending for the cost and simplicity. The bass is felt through the floor and gut, hard to believe from those tiny boxes! Mids and treble are clear and distinct. About the only area it is not superior at is soundstage but what can one expect for $240 all in?

Is it synergy or were some of these Japanese integrated amps from the golden era simply that good!

Maybe this revelation calls for a new thread.....
That is a mighty fine TT there for sure.
Nice den system.
I am curious as to your reference to rolling it out?

I mean do you literally roll it out set up on a trolley or similar or was it a figure of speech?

Either way thats a nice rig but still very intrigued as to how you have it set up outside?