Whats in your second system?

Just curious as to the people who like myself have many thousands "invested" in their main system with all the latest tweaks, cables etc and also have a second or even third system.

Did you assemble that with the same love and care and dedication and costly tweaks?

Or did you throw something together from bargain bins or indeed your old leftovers and then sat back and thought...Wow this sounds really good!

And if so did that get you thinking on the main system...lol.

My second system cost way less than the speaker cables on my main system but I am constantly shocked at just how nice it sounds for such a no frills setup.

Linn Classic all in one
Tannoy 2 ellipse small floorstanders
20 year old (at least) Jensen 50w 8 inch sub.
Monster Cable 12/2 speaker cable bare wire ends.
Home brewed power cord just cos I had it laying around.

The Linn just sits on top of a chest of drawers with the Tannoys flanking the chest either side and the lil sub sitting behind the chest.

And it sounds darn good tbh!
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I purposely have not tweaked my second system. No acoustic treatment, and only lightly optimized positioning. It’s on and next to my computer desk.

NAS > Windows Computer with JRiver > Classé CP-800 DAC-Preamp > Marsh A400s > Harbeth P3ESR + B&W ASW610

The Windows computer I owned already. The Classé was moved from my first system. The Marsh, Harbeths, and sub were bought used. (The NAS feeds all the audio gear in the house.)

There is an inexpensive BrickWall surge suppressor also.

Like others, I use the system during the day. It’s also great for previewing recordings I am thinking about buying (usually as downloads).