Whats going on with Cary Audio's website

Has anyone been able to access their site? I havent been able to in 3 days. I assume they are alive and well?? I hope so since I am seriously considering buying their 30d SACD player.
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I just visited and accessed several areas on the site, just to make sure. The site is up and fine.


By the way, I have owned a 306SACD for the past week and could not be happier, it is still breaking in and is stunning. Good luck.

I can access it with no problems...

it's been redesigned since my last visit, so maybe it just came back online???
works fine for me

what happened to the rocket 88?
hmmmmm...must be me then...weird because I can surf the net wihtout a problem. just the cary site does not work for me.

GH, I would love to here your thoughts on the 306. I currently have the 303/300. I am not getting the 306 for SACD as I do not think that format is going to ever become mainstream. I hear that the 306 also plays redbook cds incredibly well. I really like the Cary house sound and the 303/300.

I have a Cary 303/200. Also a Sony dvd/sacd player. Having the ability to play sacd's is definitely worth it IMO. Most of the SACD's I have sound somewhere between excellent, & great, even on a 10 y.o. Sony S9000es.

Are you using a high speed connection, i.e. cable modem? Do you have a router/wireless access point? If so, unplug the cable modem and router. Plug them back in and try again. Sometimes the routing table stored in the device gets messed up and it will not let you go to a particular site.

This has happened to me a couple of times over the years. Resetting the cable modem and/or the router resolved the issue.



I too moved from the 303-300 to the 306SACD. I would love to give you a glowing review right now (which is how it would be!) but I don't believe until I get 2-300 hours I should really comment, I don't have enough information.

It just keeps getting better, dynamic, crisp deep bass, wonderful across the spectrum. What I am discovering is that it keeps getting deeper and wider, more layers and texture.

I was like you on the SACD no big deal bandwagon but unless you've got a super high end vinyl rig, this player (and I'm sure others out there) will change your mind. Redbook has a whole lot to offer when heard through this player. I will update you when I have something to offer however, it will be very positive...just a matter of how positive.

Got a very fair deal from Upscale Audio/Kevin Deal & Jared and could not recommend them more highly. I have been to their warehouse/demo room and you cannot imagine how much gear they stock. If Cary makes it Upscale has it.

What is your associated equipment?
TIC, thanks that did the trick. I can now surf Cary's site and drool over the 306....

Dont get me wrong, I definitely believe SACD sounds incredible. ITs just that there are not that many titles out and dont expect there to be in the future. Most of the SACD is classical which I just not into. Jazz yes.

Right now I have the BW 802D, Classe CP-700 pre, Cary 303/300, and Parasound A21 amp. I will be replacing this amp with either the Classe CAM-400 monos, Mcintosh monos, or the PAss Labs x600.5 monos. As for cables I am all Acoustic Zen with Purist Audio speaker cables. As you can tell from my system, I like a smooth, slightly warm sound with a very lifelike midrange. I listen to a lot of female vocals so the mids and upper mids are critical to my preferecnes, which is why I like the house sound of the Cary gear.

The 306 has the added benefit of having digital inputs which I can use with my Sonos digital music server. This saves me the trouble of having to purchase a sep DAC.

What is your system GH?

Cary SLI-80 Sig F1 (NOS cv2492's & 6sn7gt's)
Cary 306SACD
Richard Gray power
Furutech power cables (WOW!)
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II IC's
Acoustic Zen Hologram II spkr cables
Acoustic Zen Adagio loudspeakers

Used to have Bat/802d/Cary 306-200 and wanted move organics. This is a wonderful setup for me. YMMV.