whats better v ray or hydra 8

have shunyata v ray ordered , right now have hydra 8 connected to cj 140 , and equitech 1.5 on front end ,transport, dac , preamp, wheres the best place to place v ray , remove equitech and use v ray on front end or put it just driving cj amp
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Sorry for the late response. Moved from a Hydra6 to a VRay some 6 months back. There is a difference but not as dramatic as the ads would have you believe. The V Ray is plugged into a Shunyata supplied wall wart with a Anaconda Helix cable. The system is really beginning to sound good( sorry don't have the full audiophile vocabulary!). The V Ray has 8 inputs so why not plug the entire system. Am also using a CJ power amp with the V Ray sitting on a dedicated shelf in a acrylic/ stainless steel audio rack.