Whats better or worse?

Hi, would like to ask anyone out there please, I have a Technics SL-110 with a SME 3009 Series III tonearm which I want to replace with a Jelco-SA750D arm. Could anyone give me the benefit of their experience and tell me please if the SME cut-out for my arm would be OK for the Jelco arm? Also have the opportunity to buy either/both an SP-10 (Mark 1) turntable, without plinth, arm and power supply, or a SL-150 serviced and upgraded without an arm but with an SME cut-out. They are both 120 voltage (I live in 240 voltage land) but don't see that as a particular problem. Would welcome any thoughts or any other info on the subject, including any opinions on the 3 decks in question, i.e. "whats better or worse?". Am thinking of sending the Jelco to Origin Live or Hi Fi Accessories Club for wiring (UK based tonearm servicing and re-wiring experts, or so they they say they are). Regards,

Dear John: The cut-out for both tonearms are different.

That SP-10 is a better TT but how do you think can you use it with out PS?

Regards and enjoy the music.