Whats better Nautilus 802 or 801

Which speaker do people like better. Has anyone A/Bed them.
I own the 802's. I've A/B'd them and personally, I like the 802 better. It's faster, tighter, and simply more articulate. It is also more forgiving with lowered powered amps, but responds well to the big boys when used. You have to have a huge room to enjoy the 801's. If not, look out! Your room will become loaded with LF, and that is definetly a bad thing. I think the folks at Bowers & Wilkins like the 802 better as well. They will soon be releasing a new Nautilus speaker that is more expensive than the 801 and guess what, it looks like a larger 802. I think its going to use dual 10" drivers instead of one large woofer as in the 801.
I agree with the above post. I bought 802s for the exact same reasons - tighter bass and more articulation. The decreased weight and size are also a plus, much nicer looking are the 802s. Have heard them with a 80W CJ tube amp and I ran them with a Levinson 333, no problem either way.
The size of room is the bigest factor.
Hands down, the 802series3 are the best Matrix speakers I've heard. 802's emits a hell of a lot more detail, produced superior imaging, and more articulate LF. Only draw back with 802's are the sweet spot is smaller compared to every other matrix speaker except the 805s. I might also add that the 802s are more analytical than 801s, which I personally prefer. If you want more bass, as the 801's provide, get yourself a subwoofer. However, I do like the cabinet on the 801 better because of the stubby looking box like base that makes this speaker look like a fat droid from starwars.
i heard the new N800 last week and it is something special. it reminds me of the silver signature which had been my favorite b&w speaker. it has 30% more interior volumne than the N802 but is slightly shorter. the signature version with some cosmetic upgrades is $20k list and the regular is $16k. the speakers disappear to a much greater degree than previous N-series speakers and the massive plinth attached to the bottom of the speaker seems to eliminate the boominess the N801 could have in many rooms. link to pictures below.

Not to pile on, but, I'm in agreement with the above posters who favor the 802s. I do not own them, but, have spent time comparing them to the 801s and my sense is that the 802 bass is much more articulate and better integrated in the overall presentation.
A similar perspective: I own the N802s, and chose them for both asthetics and cost: the N801s are too much for my listenting area, where about $3k more expensive on their own, and required significantly more amp.

I'll wait to hear the N800s to determine if they'll become my mains, with the existing N802s as center and surrounds.
I had the oppurtunity to hear both speakers at Stereo Exchange,and while the N801s are beasts,they do sound much better in an open large area,but dont need as much power as the older 801s.They still need plenty of juice though.The N802s are easier to drive and to my opinion sound better,i have the 802 Matrix IIIs,and these were the speakers I enede up with after the Natilus 802s which at the time I couldnt afford.The N802s were being driven by a Bryston 120 WPC amp,while I heard the N801s being driven by the biggest MAC amp with 350 WPC,the N801s have plenty of bass,but like I said need a large area.The 802s do better in a more intimate area,like the way I have them setup.The are also asthetically pleasing to the eye with the excellent construction and finish in many different types of wood and laquer finishes.I currently use my 802 with the C.J. MOSFET amp with the PREMIER 3 preamp.I feel that these are some of the best sounding speakers,and the only other speakers that I like besides the B&Ws are the MARTIN LOGAN.Hope this helps CHEERS.