whats better integrated amp. for silverline sr-17

right now i'm using a sonic frontier SFT/SFD-1 (transport/dac) & sophia integrated amp. el-34,, driving my silverline sr-17,,,,got a bug bite,,,wish to upgrade/change my integrated amp.,,,my thoughts were manley(stingray),,,audio research(vsi-55),,,cary(sli-80sig.),,, price range 1-3T,,,i still prefer tube amps.,,,needs some INPUTS,,,thanks
Just taggin this thread as I too would like to know... for some other SA speakers.

I suppose a good question here would be "What is it you aren't getting now that you would want to get with this proposed 'new' int?"
I am very happy with the way my Creek 5350 se works with my SR -17's. The only other integrated I have tried was the Krell 300i, which was great with my older Sonus Fabers but just didn't seem such a good fit with the Silverlines.

I'm also using the Creek CD 53 connected with Kimber KCAG; and OCOS speaker cables. Replacing the Staple-on-steroids jumpers with either the Tara Labs or Cardas ones between pre-out and main-in was a good value upgrade as well.

I am astonished from time to time at how good some recordings are rendered by this setup. Little Feat's Representing the Mambo puts the band right in my living room, but wider and deeper than the room dimensions would allow in person. Voices are a particular strength of this pairing, I think. I have rarely heard duets reproduced so well with both voices rendered as individuals and seeming to own their own position in the soundstage.

I would characterize my tastes as tending toward that laid-back but on-tempo British sound and the Creek and Silverline pairing have been delivering it well to me for over 4 years now.
SFD 2 DAC would be another way to upgrade.

i'm happy w/ my system right now (w/c is my 1st stereo set-up),,,but i'm not satisfied,,, i want to explore the so called "3-D",,, i played mostly female vocals,,, more on the midrange than a slam,,,i wonder if theres more potential that my sr-17 can still do,,,or it reach its peak performance already....by the way i'm using synergestic bi-wire sig.10x,,kimber ks-1020 ic, kimber pk-10 gold a/c on all


thanks for some inputs,,,but i rather go for tubes


i contacted partsconexion,,,they have sfd-1 upgrade,,,i might consider,,,anyway i don't have hdcd
the only two way SA speakers I've heard are these SR15 I got recently here on A'gone. They'll wind up as rears in my new HT/listening room.

Currently I'm playing them off a Odyssey Stratos SE amp (ss). that is a nice combo. The man I got them from was using a Musical Fidelity int, if I'm not mistaken. The preamp I use for it all now, is my Bel Canto DAC 3. Some 'spensive cables, Nirvana SX Ltd. RCA ics, Taipan helix Alpha pc on it, a Voodoo Tesla pc on the amp, and a pair of Synergistic Alpha Quadd x2 non active single ended speaker cables.

the sound overall is impressive enough for me... I've not tried my tube monos or tube preamp on them.

Personally, a nice tube int should do fine with the 17's I think. but Ss sure ain't bad on them either. Imaging is way good, bass is attention getting & suprising. good stands will also help out with bass. Mine sure did. And some real cheap iso nodes/pods from Bright Star added a great deal of focus too.

I'd look at Prima Luna if money was an issue. BAT too makes an int well worth checkihng out. 'Pends on the budget I suppose though.

Perhaps a simple chage in cabling might add that extra dimensionality you seek... but them Sig 10's are pretty good speaker cables, straight up.

Speaking with Alan Y. the other day he made mention of the fact the Boleros were an exte4nsion of the SR17 series... perhaps looking at those systems with Boleros in them or reading the other Boleros reviews could help... I've also heard that the Depth sub from ML work well with Silverlines. (just a thought)