Whats better? Adcom 5800 or Adcom 5802

Hi, has anyone ever A/Bed the Adcom 5800 to the Adcom 5802. I know the Adcom 5800 has the fan built in, while the Adcom 5802 took the fan out. One person who A/Bed the Amps, told me, he liked the Adcom 5800 better. He said the Amp had better Dept.
I have. The 5802 was made to improve on the 5800. The 5800 has flabby base. The 5802 is much tighter, cleaner better. Also the 5802 is less grainy/harsh mu opinion
Twilo, Look at Audioreview.com; you can take the comments for what they are worth, but both amps have alot of reviews. It seems the fan in the 5800 is very noisy. Both amps seem to run very hot. Another consideration would be speaker load compared to ventilation. I currently run a 5500 on a 4ohm load. It gets hot but has never shut down. I do have it out on a amp stand for ventilation reasons. I have heard both 5800/5802 in different systems. They both sounded powerfull, but not being able to a/b them; I hesitate to say one clearly sounded better. The 5802 looked cooler......if that matters. Good luck and happy listening........LR
Twilo, I had an Adcom 5802 modified by Stan Warren of SuperMods 541/344-3696. I think Stan mentioned that he *did not* like the 5800. In any case, I'm very happy with the 5802 and suggest that you call Stan some afternoon. The call will really be worth your while.
A word of advice:Sonicly if you do not already own an Adcom don't!!!If it is too late Stan is your man.Try the new McCormack 225.It will be like comparing a Mercedes 500 to a yugo!!Not a pretty sight.