Whats better? a digital amp or a linear amp

just shopping around and wanted to get your opinion
Funny you ask that. I have been toying with the idea of building a switching audio amp but there are a few problems - mostly harmonic ones (obviously). I am assuming you mean Boulder or Tact (I suppose there are a few more now) and I would say in general that the linear amp would be better just because it is very well-known technology. Switching amps will come soon as I am sure there are plenty of well qualified people working on it night and day. I don't know that I would get one just yet however. just MHO.
I've got two PS Audio HCA-2s bi-amping my system. Nothing else has the dynamic range or speed (slew rate) to match these amps. I've had Class A circuitry Thresholds and Pass Labs and these HCA-2s have much less colouration. The only change I plan on is to use a single amp bi-wired because I do not think I gained anything by bi-amping.
yes - I forgot about PS Audio. Have yet to hear them.
To Imin2

I have auditioned the HCA-2 in my stereo system for about three weeks. It is a very fine amplifier for its price range. The midrange frequencies were quite natural and the bass was alright though it rolled off at the very bottom. I noticed that the each high frequency note of female singers alla Diana Krall sounded like it was made of many little pieces. It did not sound smooth like you would expect from an exceptionally good amp. This is characteristic of many but not all digital amps. After sending back this amp, I ordered an Ear-2 from Accoustic Reality in Denmark(AV-Reality.com). After setting this amp up in my system, even straight out of the box, I knew this amp was a definite keeper. I would the describe the sound of this amp as very natural and realistic, dynamic with a very tight and fast bass all coming from a dead quiet background. The high frequencies are smooth and natural. This amp has no dryness commonly associated with digital amps. I would say that this is a true reference amp that cannot be compared to the HCA-2 or any other amp digital or otherwise.
Tom: what's better is what sounds better to YOU. Different combinations work differently in different situations so you have to experiment. Myself I'm as skeptical about switching amps as I am "digital anything else" but that's just my own admitted prejudice & I've never actually tried one. Imin liked it, Harmon didn't - I rest my case.
My Mom has the HCA-2 that drives her Joseph RM 25MKII. At one time I would have agreed with every word Harmon said.
Then I fixed her up with a very good PC and an isolation stand for Her amp. Now I agree word for word with Imin2u. It is also possible that it was breaking in as well. IMO, this is a very impressive amp for $1600. Still can't do what tubes do. I will say this, Besides for power I like it better than my friends Pass 350. So does he, he just won't admit it.
To Brulee

Respectfully, listen to the Ear-2 amp and you will change your mind again. The HCA-2 amp is good but the Ear-2 is far better.
Thanks Harmon, if i have the chance to do so i will give it a listen. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
No problem Brulee.