Whats a great amp for Sonus Faber Concerto?

Hi guys,
I bought these speaker used about a year ago, i know they are pretty old. I dont believe i'm doing them justice with the receiver i have them connected to. I'm looking for an integrated amplifier. Which ones do you recommend? I would like to spend $500-$1000. Any amps (new or used) in that price range that would work wonderfully with these speakers?
I've owned the concertos for years and they sing with tubes.
I've used cj premiere 11 and Jadis defy 7.
I have not heard Rogue but there's once currently for sale at the classified for $999. Might be a good starting point
Hi, I pop in here from time to time.

I own Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano and use an Anthem 225 Integrated. The power opened the speakers up more than any other gear I had, Monarchy monoblocks included.

I've been happy with all aspects of the Anthem 225.

Hope this helps !