Whats a good power cord for the Sony XA5400ES?

Whats a good power cord for the Sony SCD-XA5400ES? I have tried Mappleshade AC cord but the Synergistic Research Master Coupler blew it away. Any other recommendations?
I liked and used an Elrod power cord with my Sony XA5400ES. Elrod really helped the bass which I thought the Sony needed help with. I just sold my Sony and now I am using the Elrod on my new DAC.
I have a Wywires Juice power cord on my Sony SCD-XA5400ES and it bested several power cords costing much more. One of those was the well regarded Lessloss DFPC. I only have the regular Juice version without the upgraded connectors. Alex at Wywires is an exceptionally nice person to deal with.
Soundstrings makes a nice AC for digital, which sounded very well-balanced on the Sony. Cost about $35 or so from Venus HiFi.
Kimber PK14
The best power cord for the Sony is the one whose IEC doesn't pull out when you breath on it.
The absence of the earth pin does make for a slightly sloppy fit, but not a problem. I use an old TG Audio SVLR power cord on mine.

I've tried maybe 8 PC within the last 11 months and it's hard to beat VooDoo Plat or Synergistic Tungsten PC for the money; vivid imaging, ambiance and decay notes are outstanding...