Whats a good high quality 78 speed table????

I'm interested in purchasing a table to restore 78 records without spending too much money. I'm considering a Dual 1229 or Music hall 5 used and for the right price. As far as cartridges go I heard Grado makes a good 78 mono cartridge. Any Good table and cartridge combos. Also what is the best transient noise reduction that is common in the used market.I'm on a limited budget...
Rega makes a 78 version of the P2/P3. Or, perhaps you could simply change the pulley on a regular P2 or P3, but I don't know for sure. I recall a few threads on this topic a while back- check the archives.

Regarding transient noise reduction, Burwen made the best by far (TNE7000), but the most common is the SAE which is a fairly good unit.

There is also a couple of threads on cartridges for 78, which should be in the archives.

echohifi.com in Portland, OR has a Dual 5000 w/78 for sale. Reputable dealer with great information.
888 348 ECHO.
Check Ebay. Just saw a Rega 78rpm player there. Good Luck, Dave
Modded Technics 1200 from KAB Electroacoustics. You can buy one new (w/ warranty) or send a 1200 for modding. Kevin also sells several other 78 RPM playing TTs and is most knowledgeable in old recordings. He also sells preamps w/ different EQ settings for transcribing purposes (www.kabusa.com).

I know member Zaikesman has one of those KAB 78RPM 1200's and is very pleased both for 78s and as a high end TT. I think he uses a Benz Micro for 33 & 45's.
I use the full blown 3-sp from KAB with Shure carts for all three speeds. I'm pleased with this table. I don't have room for two players, but I'm sure I made the right descision with the 1200. Psychicanimal helped me decide some months back. Thanks Psychic! Brad