Whats a Good arm upgrade for Unify in Clearaudio ?

anyone here recommend a good arm upgrade for the unify in a champion series turntable ?
You might stick to unipivots: the big Moerch (6), the Naim unipivot, the small Scroeder. OTOH, I've always enjoyed the Unify whenever I've listened to it -- is there s/thing you don't like about it??
The arms I mention are expensive (bar the Moerch).

Do you intend to upgrade the cartridge too?

the unify is a bit finicky to adjust.
considering the morch up4.

would the naim unipivot work on the clearaudio though ?

that would be interesting.
Graham arms are a great match with clearaudio, i know from experience. ****I am a dealer, so take this advice with a grain of salt**** then goto rowlandhifi.com
Graham arms =yes, good match. A bit outof my price range though.

Any others here ? It would be good to hear from experienced users.

would the naim unipivot work on the clearaudio...?
Well, I listened to a Champion wearing a Naim & it sounded fine... Bit overkill perhaps (doesn't the arm cost more than the TT?)
yes, the arm cost $3000 i think.
yup, a bit overkill!!