Whatever happened to YBA?

As a satisfied owner of a YBA Passion integrated I was wondering if YBA even sells into the US market anymore. I rarely if ever see anything posted about them (besides the YBA Design stuff). Over time I have come to realize my Passion has some very unique design features and has been trouble free. Anyone still use YBA integrateds or seperates? Is YBA still a viable company in the EU or elsewhere?
YBA Initial owner here. They're still around! I want a pair of their YBA Glass Interconnect's.
They have been bought by their Chinese sub.
Nobody knows exactly what will happen now.
Bought by chinese?
It means that their quality will suffer from that right?
Not necessarily; I believe and this is the opinion in France that you need to wait to see exactly what comes out of it.
It seems it is a very high class chinese outfit.
Thanks for the info.
YBAs second line, Audio Refinement, was made in China. The units were very well-made, functioned well, and had very good sound.
They are still being distibuted in the US by Audio Plus Services in Champlain, NY; I work for a dealer in SW Florida but we haven't ordered any YBA stuff in awhile, which is a shame because the stuff is awesome. 2-channel is kinda dead in our neck-of-the-woods unfortunately. So tragic!
Epiqview Inc. is now the distributor in North America. I just purchased the new YBA a100 heritage integrated and its great!