Whatever happened to Ultech

I remember years back of the Ultech 100 CD player that was a hit with Stereophile and some other audiophiles. It seems that the unit had some problems with burning out of displays, but for what I remember it was quite a unit, sonically speaking. They were made in Germany or was the company German. I wonder what happened to this company or this CD player?
Yes good question .I was about to buy one too at the time,mainly because the price was right for me at the time and it had good reviews.One thing I know is that Ultech stands for Ultimate Technology. I was suprised to hear that it was made in Germany though.I always thought it was an american product.
Like most other "manufacturers", Ultech based their product on the availability of a transport / laser mechanism from another manufacturer. Shortly after their big review and the rise of their commercial success, the manufacturer of the transport / laser mechanism discontinued that model. This left Ultech with a product that they could no longer manufacturer or support. Trying to retro-fit another transport / laser assembly into an existing chassis & circuit design would have taken both time and money that Ultech didn't have to spare, putting them out of business

As a side note, i think that Ultech was an American based company from what i can recall. Sean
Ultech, whose name I don't believe was short for Ultimate Technology, was a Chinese company based in Wheeling, Illinois with most of their operations in other parts of the world. They had a very large building, mostly a warehouse, although it was pretty empty. As far as I know they have been gone for years.

They went down the drain a few years ago.
I am fascinated to hear about the details and the demise of this manufacturer. Thanks for the responses.
Didn't know that Ultech was right up in Wheeling. Thanks for posting that Brian. Between you and i, now everyone knows all about a company that doesn't exist anymore : ) Sean
Sean, they used to be here, in the building in the lower right corner. Now you know everything :-)

Wow, satellite pics and everything. Impressive folks. Now I know more than I ever expected.
Brian you were right about the place.But I insist on the name. Here are more details taken from an older Stereophile issue.(Yes I keep my mags).
ULTECH AUDIO components are manufactured and distributed by.
PHONE 847/537-9008 FAX 847/537-6657

Taken from Stereophile,page 84,ISSUE november1996 VOL19 NO11