Whatever happened to Super A circuitry ?

Sometime in the late 70's, I remember JVC coming out with their new Super"A" circuitry in their amps. This new circuitry was to combine the best of class A and class AB without the drawbacks of either. I recall reading a rave review in The Audio Critic by Peter Aczel where he proclaimed it to be a revelation in amplifier circuitry design. I dropped out of the Audio scene in the early 80's and just recently got back into it so I was wondering what JVC did with the circuitry and why others didn't capitalize on it when the circuitry became available.I would like to hear some comments about this design from those in the know. Thanks
Aczel is a kook!
Perhaps,but he was one of the first to stress the importance of the need for speakers to be designed with phase and time-coherence. His downfall for me was when he said cables don't make any difference in a system.I cancelled my subscription after that issue. I wonder where Mr. Aczel went. The last I recall in the early 80's he was busy developing the perfect speaker. I can't remember the name of it, but I have seen a few floating around that have sold for a premium in Ebay auctions.
He's off somewhere listening to zip cord.
He also raved about Vandersteen speakers.
I guess it was hard for him to be wrong all the time.
Aczel always did have a swollen head. His attitude was,"I may not always be right,but I'm never wrong."
Sherod, have you seen the "Watchdog" article at www.audioperfectionist.com that talkes about Azcel? I find it entertaining.