Whatever happened to Enid?

Remember Enid Lumley? She used to write for TAS in the seventies and later for Peter Moncrieff. She was often thought crazy at that time for propagating technical ideas and tweaks which today are common knowlege. Does anybody know out there what happened to her and what she is doing today?
I've wondered the same thing. As i've mentioned before, what she used to do in terms of cleaning and preserving her LP's puts most current "vinylphiles" to shame. Then again, she was doing this 20+ years ago, when vinyl was abundant and not "rare" or "irreplaceable". Just goes to show how "advanced" some people are with their thinking and experiences. I found the teaming of Lumley and Moncrieff via International Audio Review ( IAR ) to be a phenomenal source of information. Too bad i've yet to see ANY magazine come close to what they were doing back then. Sean
How right you are Sean, I also think she made a better team with PM than with HP, although she had some seminal articles in TAS as well, as I recall.
Yes, always point the kitchen water spout away from your audio system and remember, if you shine a light on your speakers they will sound brighter. Enid was right about a lot of things but in some areas she took it too far, in my view. She did, however, sell off all her audio gear and I believe she abandoned audiophile pursuits altogether -- proving that there is life after audio and hope for all obsessive-compulsives everywhere. Rumor has it that she and Cat Stevens smoked together -- vinyl-bits rolled up in some of Stevens' old album sleeves. At the time there was a great deal of controversy and speculation over whether or not the vinyl-bits were treated with Last or other mind-altering esoteric agents...
lots of rumors about enid, it seems. i heard she made her way to trinidad, colo for some sex change surgery and is now writing under the name "m. fremer." but then, plato's sources may be no less reliable.... (don'tcha wonder sometimes how "america's most wanted" ever leads to anyone's arrest?) -kelly
Detlof, the last conversation I had with her on the phone, was in the early 90s, when as Plato mentioned,she abandoned and sold off everything. I purchased her select Amperex BB tubes from her SP-6B preamp. We got into a conversation about Zip cord, and dielectric spaceing between + & - conductors, and when I told her that I had positive results with this unidentified 12 gauge done in a Helix twist, she said I was describing the opposite of what she thought was good zip design. She pretty much got too into the subject to the point ,I think, of needing to quit alltogether. As Plato points out, she lost credibility with many claims, but she showed the world that much of it WAS valid. We could use her back for sure......Frank
Bringing things up like this sometimes helps to figure out where someone is coming from and better understand their train of thought. Good to see that we're all looking at things from the same perspective. Even as "nuts" or "goofy" as we get, Enid DID go just a bit overboard on a few occasions. Then again and as was mentioned, i DO think that she and Moncrieff REALLY did help to motivate a lot of those in the industry to improve circuit designs and construction practices. Sean
Enid passed 7/15/08. You can read about it here: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSvcid=53745&GRid=28314103&
Tasteful but not much to get excited about. Air pudding. I hear some of the John Barleycorn sound but it's mostly the same stuff he's been doing for the last 25 years. Arc of a Diver was the last really good album made.
Thanks.The news makes me sad. All that was said about her here is true I think,(except for Kelly's tasteful remarks) but her passing is a loss. I at least will miss her. She was a remarkable person.