Whatever happened to Acoustat?

I bought a pair of SPECTRA 1100 some ten years ago and they are still going strong. I had to replace the crossovers since they seemed the week point in this fine sounding speaker. However, I heard Acoustat(or the parent, Rockford Fosgate)was bought by an Italian company. Anyone know what happened to them?
My son and my best friend both use Spectra 1100s and love them. Both have replaced the woofers and added subs but love the mids and highs. Not sure what happened to the company or what it would be like to try to find parts.

Yes, Acoustat as we knew them is no more. They're only made in Italy now. I'm quite certain that the new ones are very
good. Though, I've never heard them in person. I still own & cherish a pair of 4400s & 22s. There is a site dedicated
to Acoustats. If interested, email me. I'll try to look it up.
I need parts for my acoustat pre amp, would appreciate any info you have in finding parts. thank you