what' your favorite movie to show off your sys. w/

What DVD is the one you use when you really want to blow someone's socks off?
U-571, bad boyz II
Music - Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
Movie - Master and Commander
U 571 and now the new Cream live in 2005 what a drum solo.
Ginger Baker is how old and plays drums like a man a 3rd his age. Whew!
Cliffhanger has an amazing Helicopter scene at the beginning wich will let you know how they reproduce very honest sound, the others mentioned are fantastic also, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is great also.
Fifth Element (superbit) and now Sin City
The Matrix, lobby scene and ending with the helicopter crash.
For color balance/saturation: "Black Narcissus" (Criterion version).

For multi-channel sound: "The Last of the Mohicans".
Agree with many above but here's few more:
The Tommy Gun in Road to Perdition is pretty awesome (the music is excellent too).
Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down are all sonically outstanding.
Airforce One is pretty cool when the Jet engines roar from the back of your room to the front.
My favorite music video is Stop Making Sense- Talking Heads.
BTW- The new Cream that Theo mentioned sounds like as must buy.
First two minutes of Top Gun.
'Master and Commander...' and 'U-571'.
Movie = Desperado (shootout scene) or End of days (subway or church scene).
Music = Eagles hell freezes over.
(01). Die Hard I (1988) (even after 17 years after its release, the action scenes from this movie is amazing)

(02). The Specialist (1994) (for sound quality only)

(03t). Basic Instinct (1992) (for video quality)

(03t). The Matrix Series (for video quality)

Want to turn some heads and drop some jaws try Roy Orbison "Black and White Nights". Not a movie mind you but the sound is incredible.
Regards J.B.
The pod race in Star Wars, The Phantom Menace.
LOTR especially Return of the King.
Believe it or not, The Polar Express -awesome bass from that train and great transients
And, just watched War of the Worlds. Again great show-off HT movie.
Video- Northfork
Audio- House of Flying Daggers Beans on Drums seen.
Subs- Master and Commander
Gotta agree with Theo. The reunion Cream 2005 is high on my list.
The opening battle scene in "Gladiator"
Opening scene of Saving Private Ryan and Super Speedway at the first oval(Homestead) of the video.
Newer Movie Saving Private Ryan, with the cannon and tank
shots you have to check yourself for blood. Older Top Gun
jets taking off. For computer animation check out any
of the Minds Eye ( Odyssey Into) soundtrack done by
Kerry Livgren from Kansas this disc is awesome.
For LD's Pink Floyd Pulse this concert is not out on dvd
This disc can and will damage things giving enough gain
For those of you who mentioned the new Cream concert, is it recorded in WS or 4:3 format? I've been looking hard at this one, just wasn't sure about the recording quality. BTW, I'll throw the new Eagles DVD into the mix.
I saw the Cream concert on PSB the other night - it's 16:9. Resolution is fine.

Oh, and Steely Dan, "Two Against Nature" I always use as a demo piece just 'cause it's so good. No need for any sappy Eagles stuff, although their production is excellent.

I'll probably get the HD version of TAN as soon as it's available.
Either the scene in 'Spiderman 1' where he fights the Goblin in the building fire or the scene in 'Heat' where they rob the bank and have the shootout in the streets.
The more expensive my system has become, the worse the relative performance of movies has become. Where studios have *inserted* effects for the benefit of the audience, they are so crushingly obvious it is painful. I had a friend round and we tried a few of the movies mentioned above and decided we had better get back to music where it is all real.

That said if I just want to be silly, there are two scenes in Finding Nemo - the shark bite and the submarine falling into the trench - good wall shaking fun!
Master & Commander

Finding Nemo
For picture quality....Sin City...with honerable mention to Blackhawk Down super bit and The Chronicles of Riddick.

For audio... SW episode 1... but it has a crappy transfer.
The War Elephant chapter in Return of the King platinum edition; BOOOM!
The first ten minutes of Final Destination 2 (Highway to Hell). Jurassic Park when the T-Rex first shows up and destroys the Ford Explorer.

Happy New Year fellow Audiogoners!!!
Cars, fun movie.
First 10 minutes of Revenge of the Sith (Star Wars 3)
Music soundtrack and dialog was recorded for 7:1 multichannel, very complex sound track consisting engines, hydraulics, missiles, detonations, gears, objects falling and crashing