What you drink while listening sessions?

Wondering what you guys drink while the sound get to your ears,
I like Cuban Havana club 7 years anejo, almust impossible to get in the US, I was lucky enough to get trough Aduana with a bottle last November super rum!
Also I enjoy black label with ice and some bubble water, San peregrino!
I am sure this will be an endless source of drink list!
Ketel One or Don Julio!
Green Tea often with pastry after 'green tobacco' smoke break.
What Marakanetz said!Hot lipton w/Lemon and sugar
Kentucky bourbon, Weller (7 yr old) and water. 12 year old has been hard to get.

For rum, I use Bacardi Anejo which is Mexican, not Puerto Rican. It tastes just like the Casa de Goes from Mexico which I can't seem to find anymore.
Johnny Black is the only way to go.
Bourbon - Knob Creek day to day; several other small batch bottles for special occasions.
It tends to vary of course, (typically a nice cold beer on hot days), but lately, it has been an incredibly good Irish Whiskey called "Redbreast", that for me, just tastes perfect.
Boones Farm or Night Train Express (commode is close by)
A glass, or two, of Tempranillo, Barbera or Zinfandel from the local boutique vineyards in Amador county.
RC Cola, and some peanuts... sometimes I'll follow that with some Mad Dog.
Water, real fruit juice or fruit punch all on ice.
Bud cans!
French Brandy or red wine........
While I do like single malt Scotch whisky a lot, I usually enjoy an Assam or Darjeeling while listening. Izzy is also very good.
Herbal tea in the winter months.
A nice Chianti with liver and fava beans
"Bourbon - Knob Creek day to day; several other small batch bottles for special occasions."

Me too. A nice single malt for a change of pace.
I'm from Kentucky, so bourbon is the obvious choice here. I like boutique small batch stuff, but Woodford Reserve is a fantastic standby.

On Scotch days, Balvenie Doublewood or Glenfiddich 15.
Pinot Noir, it must taste like sticks and stones. Clos Jordane - Claystone Terrace for example.
my Cardiologist and Vintner specifically insists I drink two generous glasses of red wine every single night. Never binge. Never skip a night.

Far be it from me to debate their wisdom.
I think I do but just can't remember...
Audiogon Koolaid
Carbonated beet juice with a twist of lime !
champagne and vieux calvados