What XLO digital cable do I have?

Can anyone tell me what cable I have based on this discription? It has a green and purple wrap with yellow wires running through it. Its a balanced cable.

I would like to know model and price.

It is the Reference Type 2 cable. The list price for 1M pair is about $350.
Many Thanks!
I need that help as well on my XLO speaker wire. The wire is two strands braided together (each strand is quite thick). 1 strand is purple and 1 strand is green. These cables are about 5 years old. I believe they retailed for around $1200 for the 6ft a-side pair.

I appreciate your help.
Perfectimage, not the price quoted $350 is for an analog Type 2 PAIR. You have a single digital interconnect, yes? That is the Type 4, I have a list of $150 for a 1 meter run unbalanced, no specified increase for XLR connectors.
Pardales, it sounds like you have the Type 5 speaker cable, which listed for $55/ft plus $100 termination fee. That would put your 6 ft pair list at $760. Info is from a 1996 Stereophile magazine, Vol.19 No. 4

Thanks John,
The person that told me it was a refrence 2 emailed me to correct his statement. I was just coming to post the change.
Thank you John
I also have a green and purple speaker cable that I bought at Audiogon. I guess it must be the XLO Type 5, but is it Reference?? Who knows. there's no identification of model on it anywhere, but it is stiff and I think later models were advertised as flexible, so ... between the various types (5, 5a) and the various models Reference, Reference 2, Signature, it is completely mystifying. I think someone is now listing for sale an XLO Signature 5a, does such a thing exist? And he's asking only $75, which is impossible to believe if it is really Signature line (unless it's hot I suppose....)

With XLO, it's all in the colours. I have Reference 5A. Its white with 2 (thin) purple strands and white w/ 2 green, in a twisted pair. You have type 5. Type 6 and 6A are equally confusing.
Wow, you guys are really smart on the topic. I own a 7.5 feet pair of XLO cables with no model number. They are green and purple twisted - but a slow twist running down the length. Each individual wire (purple and green) has many little wires that are insulated and colored the same way. Any idea which ones I have? I need to sell them because they are too long. They came as part of an expensive bundled deal. They are about 20% nicer sounding than my previous high end cables.