What would you upgrade next if you had my hifi ?

You can get a fairly good look a my junk from my system link , since the original link I've upgraded to an Ayre C5MP CD player and ARC DAC8 . Jive and jokes welcome . Regards
I would upgrade the cables...especially the interconnects.....
Great preamp, digital, and speakers. I know nothing about your interconnects but would agree with Prcinka regarding them. The speaker cables being Transparent are probably top rate. I don't think you could go wrong with a good pair of monoblocks. I had a 500x2 amp for years but with the monos it was night and day. I listen at low levels mostly so its not a power thing but things sound better with more power available IME. Enjoy your journey! Ed
I didn't click on your system link 'cause I didn't want to see your junk.
Upgrade your speakers to the Polk Lsi15.
Buy some music.
Looks good to me!

What aspect of the sound needs improvement?
Lose the paneling. I'm not saying this because paneling went out in the 70's...acoustically it stinks. Seriously, paneling does nothing but vibrate. If it is installed over drywall or plaster, it can be nailed like mad or glued to eliminate any resonance but that may be too permanent. Most paneling acts like a giant bass diaphragm.

Also, the Revel and Levenson gear are extremely revealing. With sound resonating off the paneling, your system is probably brighter than need be.

Last, your TV is really low isn't it? Do you sit on the floor? I always thought that there was some correlation between tweeter height and the 2/3 point on the tv height?
Your Mid Fi Preamp. To do you a favor, I'll take it off your hands because I am a really great guy. Maybe I can find a use for it in my garage system.

Are those wind chimes ?

Is it breezy in your room?

Interesting responses , to answer Mapmans question first , I don't no if anything really needs improving , but to be an audiophile you also become a bit of a perfectionist so your journey is never over . I have many interests and hobbies , our beach house and incredible new boat are great , but music and audio are my only real passion . At this point upgrades are expensive and improvements are small , the old diminished returns syndrome I guess , so I want to make the right choices not just through money at it .
To answer another question that was posted , I do have mid fi interconnects , ( Audioquest , Madrigal , NBS , ect ) I did try some of Shunyada's top tier cables , $3500 a pop but the difference was very small , so I pasted .
The wind chimes were the last thing my five year old daughter gave me before she surrendered to health problems .
More velvet paintings! I think you need an Elvis to round out the collection.

Seriously though, I concur regarding the paneling - unless its nailed onto furring strips, it essentially makes for multiple resonating cavities which tend to act as broadband diaphragmatic absorbers or Helmholz resonators, affecting room acoustics (especially the low end) significantly.
Add cats, and children. Their conspicuous absence is often noted in ads on Audiogon.
Get a record player. Your digital is excellent, but you shouldn't deprive yourself of vinyl. No need to spend a fortune. Buy a Music Hall MMF-7 and 10 new records from Acoustic Sounds just to see if you enjoy the whole experience. If you do, you can always upgrade later.
I don't think I'd change a thing with the gear you have. Lots of beautiful stuff.

What about adding tweaks to your system? Isoclean or Furutech fuses in all of your gear, $36 to $100 wall outlets, Dedicated power lines, Shakti stones or other crystals on the ICs?
Hello Palasr . The paneling that a few members have mentioned is actually hard wood flooring 3/4 inch thick , laminated not nailed to two layers of 1/2 inch drywall , gives us about one and three quarter inch thick wall . The wood has a very positive effect on the sound over drywall ( sheet rock ) . The audio part of the system runs off two dedicated 20 amp circuits with isolated grounds , terminated with PS Audio Soloist outlets . Audio shelves are two inch thick , plus each component has it's own isolation platform .
Wow, that's a lot of wood. If your system isn't adversely affected by it (bright?), then leave it.
Someone above mentioned buying a table, I totally agree.
Not sure what you are doing about power, but in my experience getting a PS audio regenerator (first powerplant premier than upgraded to P5) was a huge boost.

Second, I used to have Studios as well. Then I did an in room shootout with Verity Audio Parsifals and decided to keep the Parsifals. I then did the same between Parsifals and Eidolon visions and prefered the Eidolon's. I now feel I am a few steps up with the Eidolons from where I was with my Studios. Lot more $$$ though. For current used price the Studios are hard to beat.
Elevick , there is allot of wood but it had a very positive affect on the sound , I don't think I could go back to drywall , no brightness at all , but I have many room treatments as well .
Edorr , I did compare the Studio's to my Salons but the Salons had a fuller more detailed sound . I had them upgraded a few years ago , it brought there sound into the 21st century .
And it brought the looks into the 22nd century. I always loved the aestetics of the original Revels.
Oh , one more thing Elevick , the center of the TV is level to your eyes when your seated on the sofa . One vidiophile friend commented that it was perfect .
I did have a vinyl rig until a few years ago , sorry I just prefer well set up digital .
I noticed right away that your TV seemed to be at an optimal height. I'd say the vast majority of screens are mounted way too high. Nicely done. Of course, nice system too.
amp and speakers would go, if it were my system. a planar would replace the revels and a nice tube amp would replace the levenson amp.

i can't comment on the digital front end.