What would you recommend?


Would you recommend a universal blu-ray/sacd/etc. player? Or get a separate blu-ray and a separate sacd/dvd-a/etc player? Thanks.

Joe in Mobile
There's only one such universal so far: Oppo BDP-83.

Hi Joe.

If I had the $$$, I'd get seperates.

"Joe in Mobile":

You have two options.....

(01). Just like "Kal" has stated, get the Oppo BDP-83 and be done with it.


(02). Get a Pioneer BDP--51F and then get a used Sony DVD/SACD Player. You could find a used Sony DVD/SACD Player here on Audiogon for a reasonable amount of money (I think).

Me myself...... after a long time in waiting on whether or not I am going to purchase a Blu-Ray Player and which one, I am finally going to take a dive and get a Pioneer BDP-51F at in the next month or so (great picture and sound for NOT a lot of money...... $600.00 retail...... but I will get mine at B&H Photo for $300.00 (including shipping)).

Good Luck and Happy Shopping.....