What would you hook up to a Voice of the theater ?

I need some of your expert help. I inherited a pair of huge Bozak cabinets housing a VOT set up each including one H811B horn and 2 x 15" Altec L woofers with all drivers and crossovers. I hooked them up with a low end receiver and they are working fine. Also got my hands on a Carver tfm-35 st amp. I will like to keep these but I want to be able to set a HT system and cannot decide myself on what to do with a $ 1,500 budget and a 20' x 15' room. I have a NAD 1000 monitor series preamp. I will really appreciate all your reccomendations. Too much reading and so much equipment choices that I am totally lost at this point. Please help!
You got the right idea, and right amout of money: Quad II! Asking $1600 on audiogon, go snatch her!
Take it from one who owned Carver's old top-of-the-line amp: If your tfm-35 is anything like the 1.5t, dump the Carver!

You would get more current and umph from an older Onkyo 919 or Denon 5700 receiver than you would from the Carver.

Your VOT speakers are rather large and quite old and may be questionable sonically if compared to many of today's speakers.

Nevertheless, perhaps you should read up on the Odyssey Stratos amps for $1000 new. see odysseyaudio.com.