What would you do?

Putting together HT/music system in the family room our our new home.

Built in cabinets and shelving up front prevents floor standers. The two main speakers have to go on shelves (20"Wx15"D, H pretty much unlimited), the center on the fireplace mantle (8"D with 9" to bottom of flat screen), rears just to the sides and slightly behind the listening position mounted 7' up on the wall (wife really wants me to use in-wall's).

I already have my electronics and this system will be built around an Integra DTR 7.8 receiver. Will be used for HT the majority of the time, but as a long time audiophile I still want good music performance as well.

I've actually already placed an order, but it won't ship until tomorrow at the soonest, but if I want to change my mind I'll have to do it quickly. I wanted to check with y'all one last time just to make sure there wasn't something in my budget that I've overlooked.

Budget is $2000 max, but would like to stay ~ $1500 for F/C/R. I placed an order for:

Focal 706V's main, Focal CC-700V center, and Focal SR-700v rear. Got a package deal for less than $1700 (just over 10% off of normal street).

Agree with my decision or would you do something different?

A good choice, the Focals are front ported buy rather large, especially the centre channel (will it fit?)
At that price point for 5 speakers not sure there is much that will outperform them significantly. Since they will be on a shelf rear porting is out, so that kills the other popular choices - B&W, Paradigm etc.

You get my vote of support
Thanks Meiwan. The center channel is 9" deep according to their website so worse case I'll have an inch overhang, but if that spec includes the front cover, which I'm hoping it does, then I should be good.

With my requirements and in my budget I'm not finding much. Maybe the NHT's? Problem is I've never heard the Focal's and am going on what I've read. However, I've yet to read anything bad about them, which is unusual.

I've heard the NHT's and actually owned a set of their small floor standers and center at one time and really liked them, but they don't seem to get the accolades of the Focal's.
I've owned NHT's and they are OK, but not great. I've heard the focals (7 series and 8 series). Much better, especially the 8 series.

I'm in a similar situation. What I did was find a used pair of Linn Katan's (not too difficult) and a Linn Trikan centre (very difficult). Using ERA D4's as the rears. Really happy with this setup. Took more effort obviously to locate but well worth it.

The other alternative I considered was the small Spendors or ProAc tablets, but the matching center channels are almost impossible to find, used.

New, you've made a good choice.
Thanks. Pretty much what I was thinking. I'm hyped. I'm a huge Linn fan. Never heard anything from them I didn't like be it component or speakers. But, as you noted, I don't want to take allot of time so I made the move. BTW, the wife won the battle and I canceled the rear SR's for the focal 700 series in-wall's. Cost me another $300 that I could have used elsewhere, but if it will close the hole under her nose. :0)