What would you do?

I recently bought a preamp at E bay to assemble a second system at home. In the AD , there was no mention on the method of payment, so when i offer to do paypal, the seller decline and insist on money order or cashier's check mail to him first before he mail the preamp.I feel uneasy about it and request the transactin done via cod. the seller wouldn't do it initially states someting about he has to paid 4 to 9 dollars more for cod ground ? ONe day later , he agree and wants me to pay 9 dollars more. NOw I am having second thought on the whole deal. Not so much on the extra 9 dollars but maybe it's lemon?
I'm not sure there is a problem! My experience is as a buyer
only. First, I pay by MO all the time, so nothing wrong with requiring a MO. Secondly, nobody is ging to ship before
receiving payment. And finally, cod does cost extra. So make sure the seller is legitimate and send them a MO.
Do you have a link to the auction? Acceptable payment methods are usually noted at the top of the item description page.

I think the seller may just be acting cautious about who you are. You also offered him two methods of payment which are disadvantageous to the seller's side.
Pay the $9 and at least the unit might be in the box when it arrives. I sent a money order to kcmac4u on a piece even with positive feedback and a phone number and never received a unit. I involved his local police. It was the first time on a major item that I did not follow my COD only rule other than a credit card and I get the fraud business. I did this in resonse to the people on this site saying pay first and on my first major in their advice I get a big problem that I am still working on. Was there a picture of the unit? Insist on a telephone conversation before the COD. No COD -- No deal! Thre is a lot of fraud out there - especially on Ebay. Check the recent forum just posted last week.
I would just pay the $9, if this is the upcharge for COD as this is your expense if shipping was to be paid by the buyer. Many people do not have accounts with Paypal. We have one, but I only use it to purchase and never receive payments through it. What preamp did you get?
If this is a UPS transaction, the COD charge is normally $5.00! Did you check the sellers feedback? If the seller has all positive and also has numerous feedback, you can assume that paying with a money order is safe, because most people will not risk ruining their credibilty(you can leave them negative feedback). Good luck!
If it doesnt feel right dont do it. I lost 1150.00 that way for a Creek that i never received. I telling dont do it.
also: if he has any feedback history you might be able to email other people who have traded with him for some customer verificaion
People will risk negative feedback for a few thousand dollars or less even. No COD - no deal - even then what you thought might be in the box might not. If it smells rotten - it usually is!
thanks for all the advise. it's a nakamichi ca 7 preamp/
i have no problem paying cashier check or moeny order as long as it's cod ,and not sent in the check without knowing if i'm even going to receive the merchandise.
When I first started buying on Audiogon, I wanted to make all of my purchases COD. I had never had the experience of just sending a fully negotiable note to a total stranger on unsupported faith. A few sellers, who undoubtedly had experience themselves doing precisely that, reacted in a put-off way to my seemingly suspicious request, but ultimately agreed to ship COD if I paid the extra charge, despite the slight inconvenience and the longer wait for the funds. After doing a few transactions this way with no problems, and getting used to the feedback system, I became comfortable enough with the process to drop my COD demand. (It also didn't hurt that I had sold a couple of things on the 'Gon without the same demand being placed upon me.) I have since made several more purchases by just sending the money orders, with no problems. But I can't truly say that this is actually the wisest approach, rather than simply the easiest. I do utilize the feedback system, but ultimately depend mostly on my own perception of the quality of communication with a prospective seller. However, if I am honest with myself, I can't claim any special powers of divination when it comes to evaluating the honesty of an online or over-the-phone correspondent. I think part of my behavior can be explained by not wanting to spend extra, part by having been lulled by my admittedly limited experience into a quite apparently false sense of security, and part by just a simple desire to trust and be trusted. If and when I wind up paying the price for this trust, or ignorance, or arrogance - however you care to look at it - I'm sure my behavior will perform a 180-degree hairpin turn in the regressive direction. Nevertheless, I continue to remain optimistic about my chances around here given the quality of the folks on A-gon, feeling my eventual burning will, in all probability, occur in the wild, wild west that is ebay.
FYI, The UPS charge for COD is now $6.00
I don't think the seller is doing anything wrong. They are just protecting themselves from a potential deadbeat buyer.
If the auction sais buyer pays all shipping charges, then you should pay for what you request. If seller pays, you are stuck with whatever shipper he chooses.
I agree with Sugarbrie. I have seen sellers send COD and request the COD payment plus the shipping in advance. A deadbeat buyer could simply refuse the COD and the seller would be out the shipping and the COD payment. I think this seller is doing nothing wrong. There are deadbeat sellers and deadbeat buyers, but you have to at some point develop a certain amount of trust either through phone calls or emails to complete the transaction. The only other option is an escrow service and they have fees also. Paypal charges about a 3% fee to the seller. That can add up to quite a few dollars on an expensive component.
I've got a few Questions:
What was the price of the preamp?
What is the overall feedback of the ebay member?

You should examine feedback for the seller first before bidding. If you do not trust than don't bid.

Nak isn't so rare on ebay and can be available from different sellers so pick your best.

Ebay transactions are secure and I highly doubdt that seller would risk his/her ars to get kicked out for a couple hundred bucks.

If I personally buy on ebay items over $500 I make sure that they're near me for a local pick up.

And finally I completely agree with Jwrobinson stating that there is no seller that will send you the unit first unless you're agreed to use an Escrow.
EBay has a money back guarantee for fraudulent or mis-advertised products. They cover "almost" anything up to $200 but charge a $25 fee.

This might work instead of going the COD way. I doubt its easy to get your money from eBay, but it is there. Check out the eBay site under Services.
That is very interesting, Rrick, and I had no idea. I thought it was strictly caveat emptor. Ebay must feel that they actually do have some kind of responsibility or liability here, either in the legal sense, or in the court of public opinion. I'm sure you're right in opining that they probably don't pay out too often, but if they ever pay anything at all, they must figure that expenditure to be ultimately less costly than the alternative of never paying anything to anybody. I'd like to know exactly why that might be, so as to understand the implications. (Or do they try and collect from the fraudulent advertiser any money ebay pays out?)