What would you do?

I want to restore and upgrade a Thorens TD165 TT. If it was yours what would you do with it. I would like to get the maximum performance out of it that I can. I have no knowledge about what can and can't be done with this TT to make it sing. I'm sure it has it limitations and after a point it's just throwing money away. So what would you do and where would you stop? I will be putting an Ortofon Bronze in it after it's done.

Also, I live in the Philadelphia, Pa area. Does anyone know of a place or person that would do right by me and the TT? I will ship it to find a true craftsperson.


You could change the rca cable and power cable to a better one...its easy to solder a new set in.Morrow audio sells awesome cables that you can order bare wire on one end and eichman copper rca's on the other.I used Morrow Audio cables on a Thornes TD160,it really opens the sound stage up and raises this table up to a level where using a 400-600 cartridge is not overkill. Also, this table will sound great with a Ortofon bronze. But the cartridge for this table is one of the Grado Prestige wood body moving iron $350-$600, they sell low output .25mv and high output 5mv. Also, Order the vibration kit from Mapleshade $130.00 it comes with Brass feet and a thick platform with Isoblocks. This is an awesome table once you get the right cartridge and feet and cables. ENJOY!!
Vinyl Nirvana in New Hampshire , go to website and see he does
for a "restoratio' .
Top guy with very good rep.
Yeah man! It's not rocket science to do it your self. I did it years ago with a td 166. Mos def Mapleshade as mattmiller suggests. That's a killer combo w the bronze! I did heavy damping w/ alum/asphalt sheets, Mapleshade galore. - sounded better than a $2000 new table. Had several non audiophile friends confirme this! I wish I haven't sold it! See a demo here