What would you do...?

This is a kind of pointless question but I’ll ask anyway as some of you guys may mention something I’ve overlooked - I currently have Audio Physic Avantera III powered by Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000R monos (with Furutech Transmission fuses).
I want to go tube with the mono blocks (also using Octave HP700 pre) & at the moment it’s only possible to go tube by trading my Avantera III & SX-1000R monos for brand new Audio Physic Avanti (in glass red) & brand new Manley Snappers.

So would you keep the Avantera III & SX-1000R monos until funds allow to trade up to the Manley Snappers (keeping the Avantera III) or trade the Avantera III & SX-1000R monos for glass red Avanti & Snappers for a small additional cost to my dealer...?

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Are you able to listen to the Avanti/Snapper combo at your dealer? And do you really like your Avanteras? If it were me I would probably wait until you can afford the Snappers or another good tube amp to pair with your Avanteras.
@jond  unfortunately I can't demo that combo but my dealer knows what music I listen to.
I am thinking of keeping the Avantera III but would the switch to a good tube mono like the Snappers not warrant owning speakers of the calibre of the Avantera III...?
Infection that's the big question the Avantera looks like a great speaker and obviously you like them. On paper it looks like a good match the Avantera is 4 ohm 89 db and the Snapper 100 tube watts. However you won't really know its a good match until you try it. I've never heard either component much less the two combined.  Are you at least able to hear the Avanti's even if it's not with the Snappers? I think the change of speaker will be a bigger adjustment than a change of amp.
@jond  yep I think you're right. The Avantera III is so accurate on all levels that its loss would be felt for years...!

I suppose I just needed someone to tell me what I was already thinking! Thanks.
No problem and good luck!
I agree, hold on to your Avanteras for the reasons you stated. Keeping them will also provide you with a reference to the sonics of the Manleys.

The impedance curve of the Avantera III indicates it truly is a 4ohm speaker and needs some power to drive it.
"The speaker's minimum impedance is around 3.5 ohms in the low bass and upper midrange, which should not present problems to good 4 ohm-rated amplifiers."


100 wpc would be a fine match as far as power. And nice to see that Manley provides specs for a low impedance load....

Maximum Output Power into 5 ohms: 110 Watts (1.5% THD @ 1kHz)
Maximum Output Power into 8 ohms: 100 Watts (1.5% THD @ 1kHz)