What would you do?

So, I sold my phono stage (Cary PH302) and the ICs I was using to upgrade to another unit. In the meantime, I used that money for another blood sucking hobby. It might be a few months before I can fund my discretionary spending budget to the appropriate level. In the meantime I am w/o music (no CD player, etc.)

Curious to know what most of you would do:

1. Buy something cheap (and cheap sounding? $250?) to tie you over

2. Go w/o until the real deal arrives

BTW, anyone in the Chicago-Detroit cooridor want to loan/rent me a phonostage & ICs for a few months?

I'd buy something used and inexpensive here on Audiogon, and then upgrade when funds were available. You might even be surprised at how little you're missing versus the higher priced units.

Music is too important to do without, even for a few months.

Honestly, how can anyone answer that question for you other to recommend going with what's in your heart and gut?
Tvad; you're right. I was interested in hearing what other people would do in my situation.
You're only estimating a few months until you can re-build your audiophile audio system. I suppose I'd take the audiophile-free hiatus and re-discover other facets of life.
I would buy something to tie me over until I could afford to upgrade.
I am interested in the other "blood sucking" hobby, what is it?

I was distracted by mechanical watches for a awhile, now that I have some nice ones I am back to my fav past time...

Wait until you can afford something nice. Consider the time without music as an appropriate punishment for getting yourself in this situation.
life is too short to go without. get yourself a used Bellari or Pro-Ject here on agon. i'd be happy to loan you a pair of ICs. send me an email.
I just bought a used Jolida JD9 that I am very happy with!Such a musical unit!I have been without a phonostage for a while,had to sell my Acoustech PH1P a while back.I dont feel Im missing anything with the Jolida,except the bass is a bit lighter,but very musical!That is with stock chinese tubes!I may just have the Jolida modded rather than save for a more expensive phonostage,Ray
Jb8312; I splurged on a camera and a couple of lenses. I was getting tired of the point-and-shoot camera's quality of images. Too many missed pictures of the kids.

Tvad; Actually, my plan at that moment was to pull myself away from the HiFi hobby and learn about something new (photography).

Onhwy61; Yes, it is becoming punishment. I had just bought a bunch of new records too that I never even got a chance to play.

Geoff; Thanx for the offer. Too bad I didn't start this thread earlier, I just drove through your neck of the woods last week on business. If I do decide to get a temp phono stage, I may take you up on that offer! Of course, I assume we're talking Valhalla or the like? ;^)

Anywho... so, the worst part is, it's so flippin cold and cloudy I can't even get out and take pictures. I'm stuck in my office staring at my rig. Hey! At least I can update my system pics!! Take a look at the crappy pics I have now.
Anywho... so, the worst part is, it's so flippin cold and cloudy I can't even get out and take pictures.

Pawlowski6132 (System | Threads | Answers)

Those conditions often present the most interesting opportunities for photos...especially black and white.

Of course, I assume we're talking Valhalla or the like? ;^)

For you, Shindo Silver.
I'd take a hiatus, then get something really great. One thing I've always thought is we're never satisfied, because we usually make incremental improvements. If we could get the ultimate system all at once, taking one giant leap, it would (hopefully) be overwhelming. So take a few months, maybe borrow a boom box, then when you put your system back together, you will appreciate it all the more.
Familiarity breads contempt.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Or maybe you'll discover you're happier with a cheapo system, and focus on the music not the system.
I'd put the eqipment away for the summer months and get outdoors with your kids. Take some pictures of them and nature. Maybe even teach them some photography.

Then in the fall after amassing the funds and wanting to be indoors more, put your system back together.