What would you chose?

I have 2 systems:
Conrad Johnson 2500A Amp
Conrad Johnson PV-15 Pre-Amp
VPI Scoutmater
Fisher 101c Int
VPI Scout

I had my anniversay this week. My wife officered to buy me one component to upgrade my system.


Upgrade to a better CJ preamp.
I use a Tact 2.0S with my 2500A, CJ EF1 and SOTA TT. The setup, though different in concept, is less painful than setting up the TT, and with nine presets one can quickly get the right equalization for a recording.
Personally I would choose a new turntable for one of the systems. Why have 2 of basically the same table? Go crazy with something completely different from a VPI. Maybe a Linn or a Sota or something.

Might be fun...
I'd upgrade my wife... to yours.
I'd tell her that what would make me happiest would be for her to spend the money on something for herself rather than on something for me. (This can get you an even bigger upgrade in the future.)
Markphd: Your a very wise man!! Nothing better than a long term plan........
o no, we're headed down that SHMBO path again...and Davetherave, you can't have her!
I'd ask her to, rather than upgrade a component, sign you up to receive the 45rpm Blue Note reissue series.

Sure, we audiophiles love our components, but any lasting memories of your wife's love for you would be better imprinted by, and associated with, music.

And it can be enjoyed together.

And you will probably still have those records long after the next round of gear upgrades.

Gear is great, but Music is magical. Like Love.

Happy Anniversary!


I agree with Tfkaudio. What would your wife like upgraded? Does she listen at all? Would she like you to have a cd player?
I wouldn't touch either TT, maybe a new cartridge if you want to shake things up. A new record cleaner? My wife still only uses the dvd player connected to the TV, so I got a nicer tv with great sound built in.
Sounds like your wife is cheating on you.
Boy did you start my day off with a chuckle....thank you.
tell her no thanks...as bruce campbell would say, 'don't reward me like a pet monkey'
Ok, you guys have officially wandered....funny guys, I am laughing, but can we please, please get back to the question at hand, por favor?

Which is: You have my systems and someone dear to you asks you what would you upgrade if money was no object?

PS. No, we don't listen together much, she and I. My wife likes pop music from the 80's and 90's. I like music from Henry Purcell to the present. She only listens to her music in the car. I have dedicated stereo systems just for listening to music.
I would tell Her You want a Diamond.
a Universe LO-MC should do it.
I would agree with some of the posters who said try a different turntable.
Looks like you need speakers!
AMEN DAVETHERAVE where do you find women like that? lol
I would consider two upgrades and splitting the bucks to do so. First, I would definitley add the VPI Motor Controller to your Scout. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to your analog playback. Second, I would sell the CJ PV 15. This is an ok piece of gear for it's time, but a better preamp with a built in phono stage will go a long way to building a better system. Remember that the sound passes through the phono section first and the line stage second so adding a seperate phono preamp to your CJ will not get you better sound. You might consider a used Hovland HP 100 with a the moving coil phono section or any number of units made by Aesthetix or Herron and you might find a sweet deal right here on A-Gon. If you go this route, make sure you have plenty of gain for low output mc cartridges you may want to buy in the future. I would say a gain of 60 to 70db will do great. BTW throw in a pair of very good interconnects and a good power cord as well. Now if you have the $$$ and can afford a seperate preamp and phono pre, go for it! Look for a phono preamp that will give you maximum flexibility for gain, cartridge loading options, and an active transformer without a step-up device to get you all the gain you want.