What would you buy next?

Here's where I am at so far:
Mcintosh MC352
Tyler Acoustics PD-80's with built in sub amps
Monster 2100 power conditioner/powerbar
Mainly Monster IC's and speaker cable
Behringer DEQ2496
Harmon Kardon AVR7200
Harmon Kardon DVD25
Toshiba 72mx195 DLP HDTV

Due to lack of funds I have been using the HK AVR as a preamp and the DVD player as a CD player. The sound is a little forward unless I tame it with the EQ. I don't want to worry about any room treatment for now because I am moving in July. For the biggest sound improvement, which would you replace first, pre or source?

I listen to almost everything and like a warm sound. I am hoping you will all agree to replace the DVD with a CD player first simply because it will be less expensive. I am thinking tubes for the preamp when I do the swap.

Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Larry H
hi nuguy, could you do me a favor and define warm sound ?

i use the term and so do many others. i have a feeling that serious hobbyists have difffering concepts of warmth.

the source is the lowest level signal and should be replaced first. if you want a tube cd player, i believe the jolda is at the low end of tube cd players. there is also scott nixon's dac, in which case you could use your dvd player as a transport.
You are putting together a really nice system! How much do you have to spend on this next upgrade?
oops... a dollar figure WOULD help. I was hoping to stick below a thousand for a CD player. I realize a good used pre will run me between 2 and 3K, and I really shouldn't spend that much till I sell my house and know where I stand.

I've been thinking about a Cambridge azur 630c (I believe that's the right model, it's their highest end anyway), but I just don't know if it is really all that great or if I would hear much improvment.

What do you think?

Mrtennis, I guess my perception of warm is slightly laid back, nothing popping out, not really super clean but clear. I find a super clean sound throughout the spectrum too revealing and almost sterile, not musical. Warm to me is perhaps almost compressed, for lack of a better word, in the mids and midhighs. I run analog cables and it sounds warmer to me than fibre. The bass feels thicker. I can't really describe it any other way.

There you go again Mrtennis, making me think again
Three reasons:
1. you can always get your money out when you resell!
2. you can get one with a digital volume control and run it directly into the MC-352
3. synergy between mac amp & mac CD player

I've personal experience with the Mac players. They're really nice, round, warm, lush sounding, altho not detail champs. But I think you'll be greatly pleased with the sound.

Seen several MCD7008's for sale in the $7-900 range.

Just my $.02 (and you know that free advice is worth what you pay for it!)
If your CDP has a digital out, I too would recommend adding a DAC. Audio Mirror, Scott Nixon, Audio Note, Bel Canto, and others make excellent DACs that are under $1000 (some at half that price), and you can get a good digital IC for $100. I think you will get better performance value from the component if going this route, and it also allows you the flexibility to run a hard drive-based system if you so choose.

Hope that helps.
I am using the MC352 with-
McCormack ALD-1 pre
Perpetual Technologies- P1/P3 & Monolithic combo
Sony DVD as a transport
PS Audio P300

Would suggest you look at the McIntosh MCD201 which would provide you with a pre and a source. You could keep the amp and your speakers, then sell the rest to help fund the new purchase. McIntosh also has a new pre (tube) the C220 if you want to go that route.

If you decide to go one piece at a time-Demo a PS Audio power plant and a DAC to hear for yourself if the change is to your liking.

Best of luck!
unless you are not enjoying this very nice system....don't buy anything.
What is your room like? Have you investigated what some modest room treatment will do? The addition of some RealTraps, or equivalent, don't cost much, and make a noticeable difference in performance.
Perhaps not as exciting as a new piece of equipment, but you may be selling your existing system, and any further improvements you make, short, without giving the room some attention.
I'm not familliar with the Behring but assume this is your controlcenter and EQ?Just know that I sold mac for a few years and the jump from the MC300 to 353 was really nice since you had true balanced amp sounded muchbeter.If you can swing a new/used 2200 glass pre it's a PIP.Only weakness is phono but you didn't mention that and god help if you start LP collecting now (prices being what they asre).You could get either a Mac or other surround sound but you'd have to let us know budget and how into surrounbd you are i.e. how much time or how you value it.For me regular 5.1 with a decent sub or even a good HTIB (Home theatre in a box) is good enouigh becaus I like HT but really value the 2 channel componets more.Render unto Ceasar and all that I say.To me even mediorcre HT sound fine but muisc is where the rubber (or your budget dollar) hits the road.Others of course disagree and in the main more folks than not are trying to get equal quality.But given your amp and speakers that would be expensive.Good digital has goten really much better with up sampling etc.Dfhalyecko has a point about synergy between that Mac player but many have good op-amp for direct digital or analogue connection.Gert cables and tube traps or other room treatments to correct hard/soft component sound or room reflection problems.Frosting on finished cake.
Hey Whart, I just had a look at your system (and car) ...VERY nice indeed, good for you !!! We should hang out, I'll drive...alright you can drive.

As for my system, it seems insignificant all of a sudden. I'll have to come back to that later.