What would you buy next?

I�m new around here; I came across this site while searching for used Linn equipment. My current system consists of a pair of Kabers, an older Classic CD player/amp and an LK140. In the next couple of days my used Kairn will arrive. I can�t wait, it�s the first piece I�ve bought in years and I�m told I should see a big difference in sound.
I have a couple of questions: What would be the next piece you would add to this system?
Second question: My budget only allows for used Linn equipment. Like everyone I�d like to get the best for my buck so is there a way of telling what�s inside the Linn box from the outside. Does it have the latest updates etc, do I go by serial number or?
Thanks for any help-Larry
Have you consider a Linn Ikemi CD player? I have heard that it is quite a good player. Your source is probably your weakest link in your set-up, so that is what I would upgrade next. Just my 2 cents.
Linn customer service war very corteous in answering all my questions about serial numbers, upgrades etc. I just called them with the serial and they could tell me when everything was upgraded after that model.

Also, the Genki CDP and Wakonda Pre were a significant upgrade over the older Classic CD/amp I had before. Something more interesting would be to try a tube pre as a next step, though
Well your older CD player is most assuredly surpassed by newer digital products. But even before I would suggest spending money there I would look at optomizing your room and system setup.

There's plenty of threads here, at Audio Asyulum and at Audio Circle that talk about room treatments and such. It's the biggest bang for the dollar that you can make, and just sets up everything else in the system. So when you do take the plunge and upgrade something you will know that everything else is as perfect as you can make it, and then you will truly appreciate how the new piece fits into the system as a whole.