What would u like on sacd?

What would my Audiogoner friends like to see and hear issued on sacd? I myself would love to hear the great operas containing the great tenors that I love, such as Corelli, Bergonzi, Vickers, Stefano, and yes Delmonaco.I know that opera ussually get's pushed aside for other music that is more popular with a greater number of people. So any of you have your picks not yet issued on sacd?
Greatful Dead, American Beauty. Actually, I would like to see everything on SACD, and all new recordings made in DSD, but we all know that is not gonna happen....sigh.
Nothing; I MUCH prefer the sound of DVD-A. LOTS of the SACDs I have, classical music with sometimes much low-level music, are MUCH noisier than ANY DVD-As I have.
The rest of Pink Floyd's Catalog, Yes, Moody Blues, Dire Straits, Renaissance, Johnny Clegg, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Who, Icehouse, just to name a few...I realize some are on DVD-A but I prefer SACD.
Tori Amos above all, many of the above are great, and I would buy them, but I would wait in line for days for the full Tori line up!
I have a very large CD collection. Now I buy very little, and mostly SACD. The more they release, the more I would buy. ....

That said, PROCOL HARUM.

Kennyt - you should get a TT - I have most of Tori's albums and they sound great!
*Glass Harp-Glass Harp (Phil Keaggy's original band's 1st lp)
*Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (both Fleetwood Mac & English Rose)
*Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left
Entire Radiohead library
Sufjan Stevens- Come feel the Illinoise & Seven Swans
Iron & Wine last 3 albums.

Although, I must say they all sound real good on Redbook on my emm labs.
Rush Hemispheres would have to be at the top of the list.
Jean Luc Ponty Cosmic messanger in surround
Stanley Clark Rocks pebbles and sand
David Sandbour As we speak