What would Paul Hales have accomplished today??

I used to own a pair of Hales System 2 Sig's. For their time, i thought they were excellent. I once met Paul at one of the audio shows and we had a nice long conversation about the future of speakers; he had some intriguing thoughts. IMO, Paul was one of the better speaker designers around at that time, his thoughts about the art and science of speaker design were IMO somewhat ahead of their time.
I wonder what speakers Paul Hales could have designed IF he had continued in the speaker business. I have a suspicious feeling that he would have given the likes of Alon Wolf and Dave Wilson a real run for their money. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Any other speaker designer that comes to mind that had similar talent and left the business.
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Paul Hales Company

Above link should answer your questions

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Thanks, Peter. I knew that Paul had gone into the pro audio world...which IMO looks to reproduce music in a slightly different way than the a'phile world. If Paul was still in the home audio/a'phile world, it would be interesting to see what his product would look like, and more importantly, sound like today.
I guess we will never know...but something to ponder.
I has the Hales System 2 sigs (with sand loaded bases IIRC). My main memory is that it was a very good speaker that weighed a ton.
Martykl, the Sig 2's did weigh a lot, BUT nothing compared to some of today's monsters. I think Paul believed strongly in cabinet rigidity as part of his design and went to some lengths to assure this...which resulted in 4" thick baffles etc., Somewhat along the lines of what Alon Wolf does today with his metal enclosures...massive rigidity.