What would one replace Nordost Valhalla with??

Just wondering what others have replaced the Nordost Valhalla with?? What have people who Audition them gone with?? I am also looking for options other than the Nordost SPM Reference speaker cable. I have both right know in my system and am looking for other options. I think the two together is to much of a good thing and would like a little warmer sound.
Try the Kimber Select 3035's.
First a disclaimer: I'm highly biased towards MIT, both as a reseller and as a former employee.

In the last two years, many of my friends/clients have done direct comparisons between the top Nordost cables and the MIT Oracle Series. In every case where there was a purchase decision to be made, the the end-user went for the Oracle. Part of the reason for this is because MIT provides for impedance-matching of interconnects and also for amplifier-type-matching of speaker cables.
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There is another thread called "former Valhalla users" you should refer to.
i already got all valhalla cables(ic,speaker,digital).
for me ,in my systems, jena labs,kharma enigma,synergistics designer squared reference were better than valhalla,also some of my friend prefered mit or siltech over valhalla.
Pure Note Epsilon Reference. The have much more body in my system.
"What would one replace Nordost Valhalla with??"

Spare cash?
read my review of xlo unlimited cables which are directly compared to the SPM speaker cables.
Here's a link to the thread Mattybumpkin was refering to.
Contact Lloyd walker about his Silent Source cables {610-666-6087}.30 day home audition?
I agree with the Silent Source recommendation. Better than that, however, I like Omega Mikro. I have heard them transform three totally different systems into having a live "you are there" sense of realism. Contact Rodney Thompson at 407-880-9869. He is a big Walker Audio and Omega Mikro dealer.
I can also assist you with the Silent Source or Omega Mikro cables. Sincerely,Tom Quayle/Audio 440-526-1724