What would happen if Maggie and Wilson Mated?

What speaker would they conceive if they mated and got a perfect mix of DNA from both sides?

From her (Maggie 20.1): it would have a Big, Open wide sound stage. Great midrange and highs and lifelike presence. Delicacy and manners...

From him (Wilson Maxx 3): It would have slam and dynamics when called upon. Authority, muscle and control.

Ultimately, the offspring would have the best qualities from both sides of the family and the coherence to blend the two.

What speaker would this be? Does it exsist today?

Closest I ever heard were the Apogee Studio Grands (RIP) powered by a pair of Krell 300S and a Audio Research tube preamp.
Got a little time on your hands? :-)
Infinity IRS?
Ever watch "spliced" Nelvana animation?
Think it would be like some of the animals...
Princess Pony Apehands?
Or, on the other hand:
Fuzzy Snuggums
Mister Smarty Smarts?
The Yeti?
The whomping Whales? (#1 to get MY vote)
The Golf Cart: Gordon?
I'm not sure what it would sound like, but my guess is it would look like a Dali. As in Salvidor Dali. It would surely win the prize for last place on the WAF scale.
Had interesting dreams lately?
They make pills for this sort of thing:)

Here it is :-) and it's all in good fun

I didnt mean so much as a physical melding of the two and what that might look like, but rather what speaker exist that has the best sonic qualities of both speakers...
you would be able to hear them a half mile away....
Spontaneous abortion.
Maggie Thatcher and Brian Wilson?

That's scary.

Offspring Freakshow.
In a nutshell designers have been struggling with this for years. ATC are recognized for combining BOTH dynamic range and high performance. I agree Wilson or Maggies don't do both.

See article

In particular "The idea for the soft dome goes back to my days as a young engineer and student trying to find a solution to the problem of combining high performance and large dynamic range. At the time, Britain was well known for producing loudspeakers of excellent acoustic performance but with limited dynamic range (Quad ESL63, Rogers LS3-5A etc.) and the US for loudspeakers that would play very loud but at the expense of acoustic performance"
Magnepan would start aggressively raising their prices, begin touting the quality of the wood trim's paint finish and start naming their products "Monique", "Alektra" or "Elisha". Wilson would just continue to make money.
"That's scary."
That's funny.:-)
Actualy, it's more scary.:-0
Hmmm....the problem with this type of event is always naming the outcome. It seems to end up with something silly like Labordoodle, Goldendoodle or.....Cockapoo (seriously?). The other day a woman stopped me on the street while I was walking my dog and asked me if he was a Giant Schnoodle. That is a true story. He is not, by the way. But anyways....back to the original pairing....it's funny that you ask that question. I always describe the sound of Maxx (2 in my case prior to my current speakers) as planar like. Set up properly, I think the Maxx sound exactly like electrostatic's and other planar style speakers in that the project a total wall of sound that can be extremely intimate, detailed, fast and immediate. Conversely, the Wp sound more like minimonitors...laser precision and totally disappear etc.

I guess the thing that strikes me is that they are more similar than would appear and if anything, the Maggies would just be missing some dynamics and scale accuracy.
Conceptus Incompletus - hopefully.
"What speaker would this be? Does it exsist today?"

You, sir, would have a Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3 HD.

Stop mixing wrong matches! Another breed experimenter is mating a Shitzu with a Bulldog..... outcome: Bull-shit. Bad joke but should serve my point. Back to speakers
As a first approximation, you could buy two pairs of your favorite Wilsons and point one pair backwards, to give you a bipolar radiation pattern (dipole = too much bass cancellation for this application, so bipolar works better).

dealer/manufacturer/bipolar advocate
Duke, you are quite creative. Maybe I should audition your speakers some day. Yeah.
This speaker already exists and is known as Soundlab.
Before that is was Dunlavy.These 2 speakers do exactly as what the poster is looking for in my opinion.
Yeah, I am surprised that Soundlabs are not talked much about here. Good for those who want to get a used pair though.
Pbnaudio- LOL!

Audiofiel- Rotflmao!!! See how much better it makes you feel when you play nice ;-)

OP- We understand but its just too tempting. Resistance is futile ;~)
You'd get a Waggie!
You would have Bose lol
By 2020, the Maggie 20.9b in Ferrari red for 100K.
You'd get the Sanders 10C.
You mean Thatcher & Harold, then? Eee-gads! Matalin and Carville, Chuck 'n' Camilla style: Oh, the horror...