What would be the best int. amp for Totem Model 1?

What would be the best integrated amp for Totem Model 1 Signature speakers?
I'm looking for an integrated tube amp under $2,000 (new or used) that would work best with Totem Model 1 Signature speakers.
Plinius 8200 and used Plinius 9200 are my personal 'best with' picks, also used Krell KAV300i and used Krell KAV400i can do an excellent job... Wyred4Sound STI500 is modern way you may want to try.
Rogue Cronus magnum.
Naim NAIT XS and SimAudio Moon 250I ..... Both would drive the Totems really nicely without breaking the bank. Gppd Luck and Happy Listening.
I had Totem Model Ones when they were first introduced. I ran them with a 100 watt Krell and they were not over powered. The Model Ones need a lot of power to sound their best.
Pretty much agree with the above posts/recommendations. The Model 1's (like most other small speakers) are inefficient and tend to do their best when on a high current diet.

Tonally speaking, I found that the Model 1's bode well with warm sounding gear. Plinius. Naim. Sim Audio's entry to mid level gear. Unison Research. Audio Analogue. Monarchy Audio. Luxman. Accuphase. Blue Circle Audio. Rogue. Stuff like that should work well with those little monitors.
Thank you all for your responses. Actually, I'm kinda new to the hi-fi audio world.
What do you guys think about Krell S300i? It seems to be a good one at an affordable price. Does it have too much power for Totem Model 1?
The krell would be fine powerwise but it is not a particularly warm sounding amp and might be a bit too bright with the model 1. In my experience, the brands that Rumadian suggests would be better matches.

I agree that the Krell would not be a good choice, way too agressive together.
In this price range (and actually way above) the Yamaha AS2000 is incredibly good for the money with full and smart tone controls and phono. A true bargain if there is one. Lot's of clean power too.

Look up the info here on the 'Goner.