What would be the best gears for Andra.

Hi! Everybody.
I'm in Korea and it's not easy to make try many amps to make sing my Andra spakers best 'cause audio dealers would not lend me them here even I've been their many years customer.
If there is anybody who experienced these speakers, please share your idea.
(I know Hi-fi is very personal taste. But I tried many amps but din't get any luck yet.)

The equipments I'm using now are like these:

Power amp : Pass X350
Pre-amp : Levison 380S
Cd Transport : Levison 31
D/A : dCS Delius
SPK cables : AudioQuest Dragon SE
Inter-Cables : AudioQuest Anaconda balanced
Digital cable: Transprent reference

Try some Jeff Rowland amps. There suited to my taste and I own Eggleston Works speakers. Some of the magazine folk appear to have had luck with high powered VTL amps, but I haven't heard the two paired together myself.
I use a pair of Classe CAM-350 monoblocks (350 wpc each) with Andras, and find they work beautifully. Speaker cables are NBS Monitor 0, and so are most other cables except preamp-power amps, which are Purist Dominus and tonearm cable, which is Purist Proteus. Preamp and phono amp are Pass X-1 and X-ONO. But I should say also that I know the Pass X350, and that should work fine too. I wonder if a cable change isn't more what you need.