What would be good speakers for a Pioneer SX-1080

I have not been out checking speakers in many years and don't have many places to hear any in central MN. I started reading reviews, but a lot of speakers listed have none or very few to read. I found this site and hope to get some better ideas. I found the best way to describe what I want out of a speaker is to say I have heard Altec Lansing 508's and think they sound very good all around, good highs, mid, and very good bass. They handle a lot of power without distorting and are very clear. I like something that can deliver a lot of bass without sounding muddy or slow. Since they don't make these anymore, I have to find something else and am hoping since they quit making them that speakers have improved without getting more expensive. So far what I have found, based on reviews alone are, Wharfedale Emerald 97's, Axiom M3ti, Monitor Audio B2, Ascend CBM-170, Aperion 502D and Dynaudio countours. If anyone has auditioned these I would be greatful for your opinions on how they compare. Maybe it would save me a lot of running around trying to find some to listen to. I also am familiar with Paradigm Titans and Mini Monitors if you can compare to those. Thanks.
Pioneer HPM-100's or 900's. Gazillions of Bart Locanthi fans can't be wrong.

Good Luck!

Well you can get the 508, and 510 with 2 X 10 inch carbon fiber woofer since March 1. Altec has reissued them see the Legacy section of thier website. The 508 and 510, I have a pair of both are clean, clear great speakers. The "dead" sound of the carbon fiber gives wonderful bass without distortion.
I am a quite a bit late posting but I just came across this discussion while researching the Altec Lansing Legacy series speakers. My inquiery is about the 510S & 508S models: How do they compare to speakers of today, regarding engineering design, parts & quality, sound, etc. My questions, obviously, are for you, msullivan. Beings it is not possible to audition these speakers prior to purchase I'd like get as many opinions as possible. If you know of any site I can go to and find more info please let me know. Thanks. Mike

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Since Altec Lansing has now re-issued the 508s and you like the qualities that they deliver, you might be best off just going and getting a pair.