What would be good preamp to run McCormick dna1

I'm building a setup with a McCormick dna-1 running magnepan mg3a speakers wondering what I should have for preamp remember boy I'm working man
Ed, a tube preamp will probably sound best with what you have. If your budget allows find a a Don Sachs DS 2 if you like detail or DeHavilland if you like warmth.
+1 @4hannons -- what's your budget and what sound characteristics are most important to you?
Tube- Atma-Sphere MP3
SS- Ayre KX-5
If you have a stock DNA-1 I would suggest either a tube or misfit preamp.  The stock DNA-1 tilts a bit to the bright side in the upper midrange and treble.  The tubes or mosfets could smooth things out a bit.
Back when I was on the equipment merry-go-round and was switching stuff in and out regularly, I found that I quite enjoyed the sound of a Wyred 4 Sound StP-SE preamp when paired with McCormack amplification. In fact, I sometimes think about returning to that setup.
-- Howard

Agree with a Tube Preamp, but not a lean sounding one that sounds like SS. With the DNA 1 w/MG3a’s you need a preamp to wake things up. Plenty nice affordable preamps out there and I bring it up every time because for the money I still think it’s The King; Modwright SWL 9.0 SE has PRAT. The little Modwright has a basic remote too. If you don’t care about a remote and on a budget, older Conrad and Johnson preamps are very nice. 
Hafler DH110. Excellent SQ! Available often for less than $200.
Another good budget choice is the PS Audio 4. I have two! Quite affordable!
I'm driving a recently completely upgraded DNA-1.0 with a Mark Levinson Model 26 preamp. The results are very good. My speakers are a pair of restored German Physiks Borderlands MK1 which like high current SS.       
I had dna1 with rev a mods long ago with Vandersteen speakers. All I can suggest is what I owned with DNA. First was Rouge 99 magnum, BAT vk 5i se and Don Allen preamps. My favorite was the cheapest which was Don Allen, they pop up every once in a while in $500 range used. The Rouge was next with top end NOS tubes. The bat just never seemed to match well, maybe because it sounded more solid state than others to my ears.
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Whatever the matching McCormack pre is will be best 

The choice of preamp to match with a DNA-1 turns on whether it is stock or modified by SMc Audio.  Which do you have?
Is it possible to have ss pre amp and ss amp and add tubes inline between components
The input impedance of the DNA-1 is 100Kohms, which makes it a friendly load for most tube preamps. It only accepts single-ended inputs;  @gdnrbob above mentioned our MP-3 (which is a balanced preamp) but I think you could do quite well with our UV-1, which is a single-ended preamp.
I got a McIntosh C 28 to put with my McCormick dna1 the McIntosh has static in the volume knob when I turn up and down but I'll take to dr bill