What would be a few steps up from the Triton 2?

Got a chance to hear the Triton 2, and my what a great speaker for the money. The upper mids & highs were leaps & bounds better than some of the $10-$15K I've listened to recently. Where it seemed to suffer though was the mid-bass. The resolution, clarity & definition just wasn't very present at all in that mid-bass region.

I realize that the Triton 2 is the pinnacle of the GoldenEar lineup, so no where to go from there with them, but I wonder if anyone would have a good recommendation for a floor stander under $15K that shares many of the same fantastic qualities of the Triton 2 while both building on it, and offering a much better mid-bass.

I would certainly be switching my amp/pre-amp with the new speakers so no need to take into consideration my current amp setup. However, I would mention that I have two JL f113's that I'm keen on keeping, so a floor stander that doesn't go all that low is not a problem as long as it does the rest of the frequencies beautifully.

If it helps, I'm a big Trance, Ambient, Drone, Post-Rock, IDM, Progressive, Breaks, Dubstep listener. I've got the sub-bass taken care of like I previously mentioned before, but with this type of music I think I need something that is going to have a treble that absolutely "pops," & an incredibly visceral & resolute mid-range that is able to reproduce the adlib just as clearly as it does the main melody. At the risk of being pedantic, what I specifically didn't like with the Triton 2 was the fact that mid-bass basslines had no shape, they were just a sound--a passive presence if you will. When the bassline should have a clear & distinct 3-dimensional shape to it, the Triton 2 seemed to muddy it up beyond recognition.