What works best with your Maggie 1.6QR?

I just this week took delivery of a pair of Magneplanar 1.6QR speakers. I'm running them with a Magnum Dynalab MD208 and a Sony SCD-1 CD Player. I'm looking to purchase new speaker cables for the system, and was wondering if any Maggie users could offer some advice about what you feel sounds best with these wonderful speakers? I've heard that Nordost Flatline works well, and Alpha Core MI2 too. Any others? Thanks in advance for all the help. Robert.
Just treated my Maggie 1.6's to Mapleshade Double Golden Helix cables ( along with their interconnects ) and Holy **** Batman what a difference !!
Bass ( sounds like I turned my sub on ) is now there, deep & articulate, along with soundstage, detail, & tremendous air around instruments & voices.
Pierre knows of what he speaks; www.mapleshaderecords.com
I'm just curious. Did you do a 'double run' of 'Double Golden Helix' for bi-wire, or a single run with the jumpers? Also, what type of termination did you go with? Thanks again for the help. Robert.
Single run of double golden helix, banana plug termination & replaced jumpers with Mapleshade top of the line jumper.
They recommend not bi wiring & state that most of the reason Maggie's & other speakers sound better afterwards is not the actual bi-wiring so much as simply being rid of the crappy jumpers.
Makes sense.
Also check out their interconnects.
Very inexpensive & very good.
I added the speaker cables & the connects @ the same time & I'm not really sure if it's the combination of the two or what, but what a difference and right out of the box.
B.T.W. how does the SCD-1 sound in your system ?
I have been thinking about one.