What woofers are used in the Snell type C

Please help I have a pair of original Snell type C loudspeakers with two different woofers.I would like to replace the woofers with new ones.Does anyone know what woofers were used in these speakers?I heard that they maybe Vifa,Audax I need to know exactly which ones so I can replace them both.I have spent alot of time on line with no help.Some one must have a pair and can look and tell me.
Have you:

1) Contacted Snell to see what they have to say?

2) Contacted the folks at Madisound, Meniscus or Speaker City to see if they know what drivers were used?

3) Pulled the drivers to see if there are any tags or numbers stamped on the basket or magnet assembly?

4) Posted this over at AA's Speaker Asylum?

I would suggest that if you can find the information, you might want to post the answer both here and in the AA Speaker Asylum. That was if someone else does a search, they'll be able to find it on at least one of the sites. Sean
They were sold to Boston Acoustics and don't know much about the older speakers.
How about Madisound, Meniscus or Speaker City? Any luck there? Sean