What with or about irreparable cartridge?

I was very excited and glad when I (at last) got the
Sony XL 88 D (D=diamond cantilever/stylus combo).
Alas the cantilever changed somehow its position such that
the stylus was not straight. Knowing how 'easy' the cantilever
can be removed and consequently turned around
I posted my cart to Axel Schurholz. He informed me that this
cart is irreparable because the (plastic) body is glued together .
Recently the same problem occurred with the much
praised ZYX. This cart has also plastic body glued together
without any entrance possibility. The suspension was defective and
no way to get there for the repair.
He has two of my cartridges for over a year. Technics 100C and P205CMKIII. He says hard to repair so I guess he gave up, but at least you'd think he'd send me back my cartridges!
This guy sounds like a jerk send them to Soundsmith they know how to retip.
Well mine had suspension failures, but was hoping he could repair. It's not an easy thing to accomplish sometimes with certain types of cartridges like the Technics models.
Andy at Needle Clinic have repaired two ZYX cartridges for me, send them to him. Fast turnaround and great service Andy's Needle Clinic

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Travbow, Your Technics are MM kind and need new styli. The problem is the suspension (rubber) ring which can't be substituted because the suspension wire behind can't be removed. For your 205 mk 3 you can get a very good stylus from Jico: EPS-205EX SAS ($133).
Ebm, Axel Schurholz is a very kind 'old man' with the German professional attitude. But he is 'one man company' like Jan Allaerts and not able to fix all the carts which
he get from all over the world in short time.
Hi Peter, Thanks for your advice. You, alas, deed not mention what kind of repair Andy deed. I think that a retip can be done by any MC cart. But if one need a new suspension (ring) the underside of the cart must be cut to get near the suspension. Scary thing to do not to mention the rigidity of the (plastic) body.