What wire gauge for DIY phono cable ground wire?

I need to make a ground wire for a pair of VPI phono cables I have. What gauge of wire should I use for this project? Additionally, would I get better results with spade terminations or bare wire? The specific application is between a VPI Scout and an Aragon 47k. Thanks in advance for your posts.
It really doesn't matter what gage of ground wire you use
as long as everything is wired up properly internally
make sure ground wire is kept seperate from hot leads
or u could get some nasty RF.I would make sure everything is well shielded.I tried to DIY phono cables a long time ago
and always had a problem picking up RFI and Hum,but maybe in your system that won't be an issue.
Let me know how u do.
I've had ideas of buying silver wire bulk to make up my own arm cable but I'm reluctant to do this due to RFI issues.I
would not hessitate to DIY ic cables or speaker cable using
99.99% silver and use a little gold wire in the mix. Let me know hou u do in your project