what will the new plinius sa102 do for my system??

the amp Iam replacing bryston4bst.my speakersare bw802 nautilus,cd player is a wadia830.Irun synergistic entry level xlr interconnects with active shielding,a synergistic master coupler and the new synergistic x speaker cables.I have a dedicated ac line on a 20amp circuit that runs about 11 ft. from the box.Ifeel like I am doing some things right however Icould use some insight and feedback from some of the longterm audiophiles out there !!!
I think I may be one of the few who have any experience with the SA-102. Please read my review first.
My opinion is that the B&W 802's would be greatly enhanced by this amp. The soundstage should open up quite a bit. The upper regions will be far more extended and much cleaner. The bass will tighten up quite a bit. The system you have is not quite the best fit (in my opinion). I believe the Plinius will bring out the qualities of the Nautilus and Wadia and leave behind the flaws of the Bryston.
I'm sure you don't live near me(Mpls)but if you do I'd be happy to let you listen.
I think after hearing the Plinius you'll be very suprised at how good your system can sound.
Please e-mail me if you want more information.
thanks.In your article you mentioned you made some adjustments nside your amp ,any need for me to do that??Illlet you know ,im hooking it up tonight.
No need to adjust anytrhing. If the LED lights are too bright you can adjust them, but no need to open the top if you don't have to.