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my Spendor sp100's in the used market at $3-$4k range. I have been very happy with the Spendors over the last few years, but have the urge for something different. I really don't want to take a backward step and I am reluctant. And actually will only consider something different if it is an obvious improvemnt to my system.
Room is 16'x24' with a one way vault from 8' to 12'. A staircase is on one 16' wall, and a half wall with 4' door opening on the other 16' side. System is on long wall and low side of vault.
Would prefer some thing that can fill the room a little more and make images larger, more life like. Want to maintain or better quality of midrange and tonality of Spendors. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


I owned Spendor SP100s for over 6 years, and I now own Spendor 9/1 (same drivers, different cabinet). I urge you to find a place where you can audition Harbeth Monitor 40s. I wish that I had never heard them, because they are so good, they spoiled me for other speakers including my own. I look forward to the day when I can afford a pair- new or used. I have read great things about the new version, the 40.1, but the old version is so amazingly good, that it is hard for me to imagine what there was to improve. Another advantage is that the size and shape of them will be familiar to you, and they will work in your room if the SP100S did.
Thanks for your input and I have benefitted by your observations in other posts as well. Nice review of SP100's. I did'nt realize the Harbeth 40's were that much better than the SP100's. Obviously I have not heard 40's though I tried to get an audition a couple months back with 40.1, but no dealers had them available at that time. They are quite pricey new. The rep from Harbeth told me that the old 40.s were initially designed strictly for studio use. The new 40.1 is made with more consideration for use in home environment. I see a few dealers have them available now.
I used to sell the Spendors back in the day. They had that typical British sound with great mid-range and a narrow sweet-spot. Great speakers, all in all.

You said you wanted to try something "different". Have you auditioned the Gallo Reference 3.1s? They have a completely different presentation, sweet-spot is huge. But the mid-range is spot-on and it and the top-end is to die for. And one big advantage they have over the Spendors (besides the enormous sweet-spot) is that they are very "fast" - transients are lightning quick like a planar.

They might be a little less than what you quoted (3-4k), but that's a good thing, right?

Based upon your criteria I don't think that any speaker will do what you describe. Switching to the 9/1 will give you a slightly bigger sound and will keep all the positive elements of the SP100s. Surprisingly, they can be had used for less than $2,500. The bigger Harbeths are better overall speakers, but even on the used market they go for quite a bit more than your budget. You might also consider Monitor Audio Studio 50s (very hard to find on the used market).

I've owned S100s and now own a pair of 9/1.
Have not heard Gallo's RW. They do look a little spooky. I would like to see them up close. You are so right about limited sweet spot with sp100. So, you think Gallo's and 9/1's for that matter, have as much presence or more than sp100's? Interesting. Good to hear from guys who are actually familiar with the Spendors. 61, I will have to look up info on M.A. studio 50. Thanks.
Everyone shows the Gallos with their burqas [g] off, but I keep mine on all the time. In this configuration, they are simply elegant looking. If you opt for the black ball version, the speakers disappear inside the grilles.

And yes, I think the Gallos have a better presence than the Spendors. From the lowest octaves right on up, they are better in every way. The Gallos are truly superb speakers...