What will best my present CD/ DAC?

I am considering upgrading my digital source. Onkyo 6 disk changer>Ps Audio Superlink Gen II DAC(18 bit). What price point am I looking at to accomplish this? I realize the DAC and CD player are dated, thinking of the Music Hall CD 25/25.2 or other recommendations in this price range new/used. Is a one box solution a possibility?
My comment is more general--I think in this day and age the one box solution doesn't mean a compromise for excellent sound. The birth of the outboard DAC was, at least in part, a response the the really poor analog sections of early digital gear, and an opportunity for electonics manufacturers to sell gear that didn't have moving parts and require a lot of mechanical engineering. Fast forward to today, and I believe you can have it all in one box, save on a cable and eliminate a couple of connections that need to be cleaned and maintained.

Hope this is useful.
The sky is the limit ... I decided to split my digital system because I like the idea of switching transports and I like having multiple inputs to cover more than one source. It seems like there is a swing now to get everything in a single box. I dont think it's at all a bad thing. The multiformat players seem to do it all. Nice to get it all in a single spot in the rack.

Lots and lots of deals - I to am on the hunt for a new redbook player. I have heard the Modwright Sony players and was blown away. Seems like the modded players take a hit on resale sometimes. There are still a few Denon 2900's out there and the modded ones have a sweet two channel sound as well. I am looking at a Cary or the AR CD3. I like the Cary idea of switching between tubes and SS output.

It's a tough call because your whole system plays into it... I tried a couple of players that got pretty good reviews but just didnt do it for me. I decided to go with a Levinson DAC and now I am very happy with an older Rotel transport. The good news is you can look for deals here and if it doesnt work out you can sell it and try something else. I have worked my way up the less expensive ranks : Carver, Pioneer, JVC, Denon and finally the Rotel. The Rotel is built like a tank and I will probably keep it. I am ready now to spend 2-3K. Not because it's burning a hole in my pocket but rather there are some newer players in that price range I would like to put up against the Levinson.

There are a few guys here that seem to have tried about everything and if you give them some specifics they might steer you better than I :

What does the rest of your system look like?

How much are you considering spending?

What type of music do you enjoy?

Good luck - I would be interested in hearing what you purchased and what you think.
I agree with what Kjweisner says. If a one box source suits your needs Have fun looking at all the great one box players in your price range. As always, if you can listen to one in your system before you buy, it is in your best interest. Some audio catalog companies like Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds, and Audio Advisor offer 30 day trials of their gear. You may want to check them out.
I have been a big ONE box guy for years now, but Do not trap yourself, seriously, a Good DAC with several Digital inputs to handle all the new Storage devices and transports will by far be a better value, and in 2006 sound better with the advancements, yes you gotta buy a cable or two, but would you rather be stuck playing a Standard CD and have no choice. I suggest you Seriously look at this thread and many others that have sprouted over this issue in the last few months.. By the way I dumped a 6000.00 CD player for seperates and found it far more satisfying and versitile, and If I prefer can hook any digital output to it, and sell any one piece I decide too as well to replace, but still have a perfectly fine sounding DAC that will not go out of style like several that get outdated one week after release. 2 Links


Thanks to everyone for the input. Horseface..I currently run an Adcom GFP 565, Adcom GFA 5300 with Kimber Select 1010 and Nordost Red Dawn I/C's, Kimber AGDL and Kimber 8TC wire. My budget is around $500 MAX new/used. My concern is will a one box solution like the Music Hall, Rotel 1072 or Cambridge 640C better my present digital source/DAC?