what will be the best old CLASSIC amp to rebuild.

In my search for a HIFI sound i never found a power amp that let me think: this is it!!! Recently i buy a vintage power amp paid for rebuild and i'm NOT happy with is sound,it put deception on my heart same if he has only 70h of burn in... I do'nt ear the amp before to buy.

My humble question to the big Audiogon fan,will be what
is the best classic SS power amp to buy and rebuild under $1200.

I love dance, rock, classical any kind of music. I wish to
found a power amp that after the rebuild i will SAID OF MY
Pass Labs Aleph 3, Bedini 25/25 and Krell KSA 50 are all worth looking at if
high power is not a priority.
I don't really understand what you are asking for here, other than you are looking for a good amp. You say that you never heard an amp you really liked, and that you even rebuilt a vintage amp and didn't like that one. Now you want to try and rebuild another vintage amp?

If the above is correct, I recommend you don't do anything until you actually listen to an amp you like. Doing anything else, just doesn't make sense.
Do you want a power amp, integrated or a vintage receiver? How much power do you need? Whats the rest of the system?
"Best" and $1200 doesn't exist.
""Best" and $1200 doesn't exist."

I think he meant the best you can do at $1200, not spend $1200 and get something that's better than everything else regardless of price.
I think he thinks he's going to get something better than anything else for $1200.
i will explain the question in other ways. I'm french and english is not my birth language. I search like i presume
every one of you a power amp that will satisfy my need for
a long period. i love high-end sound as i can ear every
micro difference on the sound. I buy a CM LABS 912 and
paid for rebuild one chanel has an hum and from now it not the sound i was looking for. The burn in is not yet completed.

I was thinking that if i buy a old power amp rebuild cap and
transistor it may be a good deal??? But i do'nt know from
my experience witch good classic power amp will be great
to rebuild. Do'nt want to go Rotel, Nad just want to have
something better. I need at least 100 RMS or 150 RMS 4 ohm.

Do you think a rebuild classic power amp will offer better
money return than a modern power amp??? $1200 is just a
budget reference as i know some power amp are very expensive. Hope it more clear...
Personally, I would find a person who is qualified to rebuild an amplifier and discuss it with them. No sense buying some old non-working amp and not being able to find someone to rebuild it. Unless you have someone local, I think it's not a very good idea anyway. Look what happened the last time - some guy rebuilt an amp for you and it came back with a hum. Now you have to ship some 100 pound amp back? My advice - absent a local tech, forget the idea and just buy something new that you can live with. If you're really that picky about sound, get your wallet out and forget about $1200.
GAS Ampzilla .
"Do you think a rebuild classic power amp will offer better
money return than a modern power amp??? $1200 is just a
budget reference as i know some power amp are very expensive. Hope it more clear..."

I think it would be best to just get a current production amp. There's no way you can audition a classic amp before you have it rebuilt, so you will always be taking a chance. With a new amp, you can listen to it first. I think you can definitely make a better choice that way.

If you live in France, you probably know YBA. A few years ago, I heard an integrated amp from them and thought it sounded great. I remember that it wasn't too expensive. I'm guessing you can get one used for around $1200. I don't remember the model; maybe it was 201, but I forget. It was black and looked similar to a Wadia CD player.
thank you for your advise, i never considere the risk of
buying an old power amp and expect a great sound from
something i have never ear.Modern amp has the chance to be demo before buying same used.This advise is very wise.

I found a Emotiva XPA-3 power amp i will audition this week end.Some good review about this model.

I understand now that rebuild a power amp it when you have
a unit you love and want to keep and giving a new life to
your lovely old power amp. Audio is a mistery where advice
from other more experimented help us to achieve our dream
of enjoy the music...

I'm from Québec where the majority speak french.
I also agree that budget is not a concern when you want
the best of best. I have two Gibson SG 1970's one with
p-90 and other the luxe with PÄF and stereo output very
very rare. I just saw an other one SG like mine in stereo.

Nothing can compare a vintage instrument regarding the
sound quality same a custom shop at $3000 will not be able
to emulate a old wood vintage sound. In high end audio it
the same very high quality equipment can't be emulate you
have to paid for.And we paid for because we love music.

Thank again to share your experience.
If the amplifier is for the AR3 speakers you mentioned in an earlier post I suggest that you refurbish the speakers first, before chasing after amplifiers.

The speaker crossover parts should be evaluated and replaced as needed and the woofer surrounds will most likely require re-doping in order to properly re-seal the speakers and bring them up to spec.
This is a really great idea to restore the AR 3 but if i
have not yet consering this question is just because i
do'nt know who is qualify to made a great job on the AR 3
in my area... Some of the best AR specialist are in the USA.

Searching the right tech will be my priority to achieve
this goal. The power amp was redone by a tech and the right
chanel hum and the tweeter do'nt work anymore on my right
AR 3 speaker... Not a good experience.

Same if the AR 3 was my best score on thrift store as i
paid them only $10 for the pair now if they are broken
because of a tech i feel like i have not up grade my
Accuphase E202 speaks for itself.
Fully restored unit can be purchased at $800 that will stay on top of most modern priced upto $2...3k.
QUAD 303
When i receive the CM LABS 912 rebuild it was a deception.
But after 350h he became a complete beast of power amp.

Bass and dynamic are now the part of the equation. I had
add Virtue Audio speaker cable and order Furutech binding
post and IEC receptacle gold plated. I also plan to change
the five fuse with AMR high-end fuse, so who tell that the
audio hobby is not exiting...

i agree with you to refurbish the AR 3. From now
i'm searching a tech to do the job in my area.
Thank for your comment.
Save your money get a real amp.
I've never heard of Real amp brand.
Easy, old CJ MV-50 tube amp. Gut the circuit board and rebuild point-to-point with a few better caps and resistors. Much better sounding and within your budget.
ALso old counterpoint amps - use bipolar transistors, rebias and excellent sounding.
I would only invest in rebuilding an old vintage tube amp. Eico Hf 89, Heath Kits, Dynaco, etc. Circuit boards delaminate with heat and time, thus my lack of interest, not to mention the sonics. Pt
I'd agree with you towards tubes simply because tubes are easier to get vs. vintage quality transistors that may be longlong time out of production(in case if they're blown). NTE equivalents often don't match parameters and don't fit onto the designated slots. In this case you'd have to re-engineer, re-drill heatsinks and mounts and if they run hotter vs. original yo'll even have to either increase heatsink surface or build a fan.
As to circuit boards there are vintage tube amps that have circuit boards as well.
As to sonics, I love sound of vintage solid states especially Sansui and Accuphase.